Intelledox Customer Service Automation

Our hearts go out to those affected by COVID-19. During this difficult time, we are focused on the safety and well-being of our families, employees, customers and partners. We are taking appropriate measures to ensure we continue to provide our customers with our services.

Resolve issues faster and deepen customer relationships with Intelledox, the digital customer service automation & communications platform from Intelledox.

Better Customer Service Automation means greater satisfaction

With Intelledox’s next-generation forms, on-demand customer communications, and experience-driven workflow you can attend to customer questions and complaints in real time, and be ready to provide new products and services whenever and wherever your customers demand them. Organizations can also manage staff and internal processes so that teams become more effective and productive.

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Real-time Data Automation

Quickly respond to and resolve support issues, and make it easier for existing customers to apply for new products and services.

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Device Flexibility

Let your customers interact with you the way they want to. With Intelledox, your customers can start, save, and resume interactions at their convenience, on any device they choose. This gives your customers complete mobility and means an interruption won’t stop them from doing business with you.

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Fast, multi-channel responsiveness

If your customers have questions or need printable versions of digital documents for their files, Intelledox makes it easy. Intelledox’s on-demand customer communications functionality is a logic-based system that uses segments of pre-existing text and/or data gathered from different databases to assemble complex digital communications on the fly and deliver them as needed.

41% of revenue will come from digital business by 2020 — Gartner, 2016, Create an Industry Vision for Digital Business


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