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Digital Customer Acquisition | Intelledox Infiniti Solution

Digital transformation from Intelledox. Acquire your customers digitally and you’ve got a better chance of keeping them engaged.

Acquiring new customers is expensive – about five times more than retention efforts, according to most estimates – so it’s important to be as efficient and effective as possible in making your business attractive to prospects.

The Intelledox Infiniti platform is designed to help you turn prospects into customers, and keep them satisfied at every stage of the customer journey. With an arsenal of digital tools, you’ll be able to show your prospects that you’re a business that puts it’s customers first. Using next-generation forms and on-demand customer communications, you can make it easy for prospects to decide to give you their business.

Adaptive interviews

If the first thing a prospect has to do to engage with you is fill out a form, they’re already having a bad experience. Adaptive interviews change the paradigm, giving your customers a pleasant digital experience that puts their needs first.

Real-time data automation

One of the many benefits of Intelledox Infiniti’s next-generation forms is the ability to link to your existing backend systems. If you have any data on your prospects, you can automatically populate information so they don’t have to enter it in.

Device flexibility

Meet your prospects where they live – on a computer, phone, tablet, or all of the above. Your prospects can engage with you at their own pace, on any combination of devices they prefer. With full mobility and low pressure, you’re already winning them over.

Fast, multichannel responsiveness

If your prospects have questions or need a quote or proposal to make a decision, you can respond in real time in the format they prefer. From text messages to complete document packages, the level of responsiveness you get with Intelledox Infiniti will wow your prospects into doing business with you.

Make acquisition easier for you, too.

Intelledox Infiniti’s powerful, experience-driven workflow engine simplifies the development of your digital experiences you can use to attract new customers. Using intuitive drag-and-drop tools, a permissions-driven approval process, and secure links to your backend systems, you’ll be able to speed time to market and start acquiring more customers faster and more affordably.

Digital Transformation Strategy

Great retention leads to great acquisition

The New York Times says that 65% of new business comes from referrals

Digital marketing is fertile ground for customer acquisition

Compared to 2016, there are 10% more social media users and 17% more mobile users

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