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Return on Investment across the entire Customer Life Cycle – Intelledox delivers digital transformation and streamlines clumsy and outdated processes to fast-track customer and employee engagement across the entire life cycle, from acquisition to onboarding and servicing.


Customer Acquisition

Make it easy for customers to engage and you’ll sign more business. Learn how Intelledox automates and accelerates business processes involved in delivering and completing quotes, proposals, applications and much more. Learn more.

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Customer Onboarding

First impressions are critical. And the first 90 days are your opportunity to remind customers why they chose you. Make it pain-free by streamlining account openings, documentation, contracts, welcome kits and more, and you’ll solidify a great first and lasting impression Just like customer onboarding staff is critical and can create a sense of excitement for new employees.  Learn more.

Customer Service

Customer Service

Customers judge you on how fast you can solve their problems. Insurance claims, renewals, even minor status changes – every interaction with you is an opportunity. Are you ready to support customers and staff via mobile, web, social? Intelledox can help you get there. Learn more.

Intelledox Solution Accelerators tailored to your customer-driven industry

Data-rich business models in customer-facing enterprises have a unique opportunity to deliver superior customer engagement. Intelledox has a proven track record empowering businesses and governments who serve high customer volumes both internally and externally.

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Financial Services

Poor customer experiences can cost financial institutions millions of dollars annually. To compete against new, nimbler competitors, traditional firms need to engage customers and harness valuable data – while avoiding compliance pitfalls.

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Claims can be an incredibly stressful experience for customers who have been through an emotional incident. Intelledox helps insurance carriers and brokers remove some of that anxiety by delivering a new digital, adaptive experience. Create custom quotes, close new business, and resolve claims and other service requests using digital tools every step of the way.

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Public sector agencies need to step up their game, especially with expectations at an all-time high and trust in government nearing all-time lows. Digital channels are rapidly gaining ground as the public’s preferred way of interacting with government officials. Intelledox helps agencies move toward digital transformation.

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Higher Education

With tuition costs skyrocketing, academic institutions are under pressure to respond more attentively to students and parents alike. Because most students are digital natives, transforming digitally is just plain smart. From applications and enrolment through everyday transactions, Intelledox works to streamline your business processes.

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