Transform Mobile Application Forms for Rental Property Insurance and Claims

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Imagine a completely seamless insurance process where your customer can research, sign up for, and purchase their rental property insurance in under 30 minutes. You can transform your acquisition, onboarding, and rental property insurance purchase process with the Intelledox Infiniti platform. We’ve included a short video below on how our platform can revolutionize your insurance process.

Here are the highlights:

  • Your customer enjoys a simple, fast, effortless rental property insurance policy purchase.
  • You speed up the application turnaround time.
  • You get significantly better productivity and call center effectiveness.
  • You’ll see vast improvements in “Not In Good Order” (NIGO) error rejections.
  • You can collect important customer data quickly and effectively for a better onboarding experience.
  • The customer can interact with the application across multiple devices, save their sessions, and return at any time.

Traditionally, if a customer wants to buy insurance they need to fill in a long, involved form or talk to an agent. Not any more: the Infiniti Intelledox platform takes away the pain and transforms the whole customer experience.

How the Intelledox Infiniti Platform Improves Rental Property Insurance

Here’s how it works in practice.

Adaptive Interface

Replace Traditional Forms with Interactive Mobile Application Forms

Instead of filling out a form, your customer just takes a photo of their driver’s license. Our platform detects that they’re on their phone, and prompts them to capture an image. Once they’ve photographed the license, a specialized service extracts important information like their personal details. These are processed and validated, then automatically populated back into the rental property insurance application

Financial Data

Easily Gather Data on the Rental Property

If your customer is at the rental property location and on a mobile device, the application can recognize that and use GPS to work out where they are. The platform will then do a reverse lookup of that data to identify the specific property they’re requesting insurance for. It then takes data from other third-party sources and populates this into the application details. This might include when the property was built, its size, construction materials, etc.

Intelledox People icon

Customer is Guided on the Rental Property Insurance They Need

Once the application has all the customer and property details, it asks what type of insurance the customer wants to purchase. If they know immediately, they can easily choose it and get a quote. If not, the application will guide them through a series of questions and use the answers to recommend the best insurance for their needs.F

Fast & Automatic icon image

Policy Creation is Fast & Automatic

The application will produce a policy document based on all the information that’s been collected. We also integrate with DocuSign to make reviewing and signing the policy fast and easy. Customers can easily review the policy document on any device, and sign the policy.

The whole rental property insurance process is designed to be fast, simple, and effortless, which will make customer acquisition easier and boosts your conversion and retention rates. You can onboard customers and service policies seamlessly and effectively.

While this demo highlights an example from the Insurance industry, it can be applied to any industry that wants to improve their customer acquisition process. If you would like Intelledox to help you with one of your current business challenges please contact us.

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