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Simplifying Medical Professional Liability Insurance Applications

Intelledox Infiniti allows you to create simple, comprehensive, easy-to-use experiences that let you gather the right information for providing medical professional liability policies. This will help you to reduce friction with your customer or broker, increase revenue due to more completions, and ensure you’re staying compliant with all the required guidelines.

Intelledox Infiniti for Medical Professional Liability

Our platform lets you collect relevant data from doctors, their staff, and other healthcare professionals so you can tailor and price liability insurance to their exact needs. As your potential customer, or their insurance broker fills in details, Intelledox Infiniti will update your back office systems and databases, and will also create a customized policy document for review and signature.

Customized, Smart Medical Liability Insurance Forms that Adapt to Questions and Answers

You can easily build forms that react according to the answers provided by the applicant. For example, if they’ve already had claims filed against them, you can have the application direct them to a particular section that collects details of the types of claims and what happened. You can then figure these amounts into your policy costs, underwriting risks, and premium payments. This makes the whole experience very dynamic, and easily walks the applicant through all the data they need to provide.

For medical professional liability insurance, you might want additional information based on the healthcare provider’s field of practice, privileges, specialization, or any other area that will help with risk management and underwriting.

Validation and Verification of Form Fields to Get the Right Medical and Applicant Information

Intelledox Infiniti allows you to add validation to any entry field you wish. This means liability insurance applicants will be prompted to provide information in a certain way, reducing the risk of bad entries and “Not in Good Order” (NIGO) issues. The platform lets you create complex validations as well, for example if you need to allocate percentage amounts to the work the applicant does, the form will check everything adds up to 100 percent, and prompt if it doesn’t.

You can also provide prompts that provide immediate explanations and clarification of the data you’re expecting.

Easy Upload of Identity, Medical, and Other Documents to Make Insurance Processing Easier

You can ask the applicant to upload documents at any time and ensure they have the right supporting information to allow for easy completion of the application process.

Smart Lookups of Information from External Sources, Like Healthcare Providers and Hospitals

Our platform can easily connect to internal or external data sources to collect information and display it in the application. For example, you might ask a doctor where they have medical privileges and provide a dynamic list of all hospitals in their area, making the process more efficient, smoother, and easier.

Produces Professional Medical Liability Insurance Policy Documents Ready for Signing with DocuSign

Intelledox Infiniti is deeply integrated with the DocuSign service. It dynamically creates policy and other documents, then produces a PDF that can easily be reviewed and formally signed by the applicant. Once the document is reviewed and signed, Intelledox Infiniti automatically writes the information back to your back office systems, allowing you to proceed with sending out a welcome pack and any other communications.

Friction-Free Professional Medical Liability Insurance Applications

Intelledox Infiniti is great for applicants and brokers because:

  • It only ever asks the essential questions to provide complete underwriting, risk management, and policy creation.
  • The applicant or broker can save and stop progress at any time and refer back to the form later.
  • The form can follow a logical and intuitive flow from one section to another.
  • The applicant is prompted to upload any required documents.
  • The form will render well and be easy to fill in from any device.
  • DocuSign integration means a smooth experience for completing and signing the application.

Watch our video below to understand how Intelledox Infiniti can help you.

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