Revolutionize Travel Insurance Claims with an Amazing Customer Experience

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The claims process is becoming an important differentiator for the travel insurance business. You need to make filing a travel claim as easy as possible for your customers—they’ll remember your excellent customer service and claims payment times, meaning they’ll buy your policies the next time they’re travelling.

You can transform the travel insurance claims process with the Intelledox Infiniti platform. We’ve included a short video below.

Here are the highlights:

  • Your customer enjoys a simple, fast, effortless travel insurance claims process.
  • They can easily provide information, upload documents, take photographs, and provide supporting details.
  • You get a more efficient, streamlined claims process with less waste or rework.
  • You speed up the claims processing and payments time.
  • You get significantly better productivity from your claims teams.
  • The customer can interact with the claims process across multiple devices, save their session, and return at any time.
  • You can differentiate your travel insurance lines and gain a competitive advantage.
  • You can meet your risk management, compliance, and regulatory requirements.

Normally, if a customer wants to make a claim they need to download and fill in a long, involved form. That's a thing of the past: The Infiniti Intelledox platform makes the whole travel insurance claims process easy and painless.

How the Intelledox Infiniti Platform Improves the Travel Insurance Claims Process

Here's how it works:

Adaptive Interface

Replace Traditional Claims Forms with Adaptive Interviews for a Rich Customer Experience

Claimants don’t have to fill in long, cumbersome paper or PDF forms. Instead, our platform works with your claims systems, data, and rules to create smart, interactive questions that guide customers effortlessly through the claims process. As they answer questions, the system adapts, gently prompting them for any information needed to complete the travel insurance claim.

Personal Details icon image

Pre-populate Customer Information for Better Interactions

Our platform integrates with any backend systems or data to automatically populate data. This means customers only need to validate and verify pre filled information, making it much quicker and easier for them to provide the necessary details. For example, for travel insurance the platform can link to itinerary or other details elsewhere and pre fill information in the claim,

Fast Delivery & Deployment Logo

Travel Claim Information Gathering is Fast & Easy

The application can gather information directly from other systems and can prompt customers to upload supporting documentation. For example, customers can scan and upload copies of tickets, photographs of damaged luggage, local reports, or anything else needed to validate a claim.

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Claims Creation is Fast & Easy

Once the application has all the necessary details, it consolidates all the information together into a claims case. The customer can then review the claims information and sign it through our integration with DocuSign. The claims document is designed to be compliant, up to date, version controlled, and uses legal and specific language. Once signed by customer, the information is uploaded to your claims processing system and a copy of the claim is emailed to the customer.

The entire travel insurance claims process is designed to be fast, simple, and effortless. While this demo highlights an example from the Insurance industry, it can be applied to any industry that wants to improve their customer acquisition process. If you would like Intelledox to help you with one of your current business challenges please contact us.

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