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The small business insurance quoting process is vital to running a successful commercial insurance organization. You want to make the process as fast, easy, and friction-free as possible, for your agents, brokers, and end customers. The Intelledox Infiniti platform allows you to build smart, interactive applications that can easily automate your small business insurance quotes to maximize customer satisfaction and retention.

Traditionally, small business commercial insurance quotes are completed using PDF forms which are submitted to an insurer’s back office system to generate a quote and policy. Unfortunately, this has several disadvantages:

  • PDF forms are often difficult to fill in and not an ideal customer experience.
  • PDF forms are often very heavy on the questions, requiring far more information than necessary to provide an accurate quote.
  • A lack of validation and data checking, combined with human error during rekeying can result in high numbers of “Not in Good Order” (NIGO) errors.
  • The whole process is unintuitive for brokers, agents, and customers.

The Intelledox Infiniti platform solves this issue by allowing commercial insurers to build smart forms and apps that adapt to the end user’s unique requirements, providing a seamless, easy-to-use, quick, and accurate quoting experience. Our platform provides an intuitive, interactive, digital experience that works across all channels and devices.

Commercial Insurance Quoting Applications are Completely Customizable

Insurers can easily build tailored quoting applications for any product or policy line they wish. You can gather details from the applicant and populate questions such as:

  • Their name and location.
  • The industry they work in.
  • The products or services they provide.
  • The policy and cover that they need.

As your applicant or a broker or agent updates these questions, our platform automatically creates further questions and guidance to gather the right information to provide accurate underwriting, risk management, and pricing.

Commercial Insurance Quoting Applications Can Pull and Populate Data from Elsewhere

The Intelledox Infiniti platform allows you to pre-populate data from your back-office systems or from other internal or external sources. For example, if you’re providing cover against weather damage to a commercial facility, you can query historic and predicted weather information and apply that to your underwriting applications. This makes risk management and premium calculations much faster and easier.

Commercial Insurance Quoting Applications Can Guide the Applicant

You can use tailored questions to guide an applicant for the type of insurance products they need and provide guidance and information throughout the quoting process. As the applicant answers specific questions, your smart quoting application can ask additional questions to get further details for more accurate underwriting and pricing. It can also prompt the applicant with additional insurance products, providing good cross-selling and upselling opportunities.

Applicants can also choose to alter various aspects of their coverage, for example, the amount of a deductible, policy limits, or coinsurance amounts, and Intelledox Infiniti will adjust premiums an underwriting to match.

Commercial Insurance Quoting Applications Can Validate Essential Information

You may want to validate certain data provided by the applicant. You can validate individual fields, or create complex validation that takes into account multiple entries and ensures the information has been provided correctly.

Commercial Insurance Quoting Applications Write Data Back to Your Core Systems

As the agent, broker, or customer completes the application, all of the relevant details are written back to your systems and databases. This means you can start administering the policy immediately.

Create Commercial Insurance Quotes and Policies Ready for Signing with DocuSign

Intelledox Infiniti is deeply integrated with the DocuSign service. It dynamically creates quotes, policies, and other documents then produce a PDF that can easily be reviewed and formally signed by the applicant.

Friction-Free Commercial Insurance Quotes

Intelledox Infiniti is great for applicants and brokers because:

  • It only ever asks the essential questions to provide complete underwriting, risk management, and policy creation.
  • The applicant or broker can save and stop progress at any time and refer back to the form later.
  • The form can follow a logical and intuitive flow from one section to another.
  • The applicant is prompted to upload any required documents.
  • The form will render well and be easy to fill in from any device.
  • DocuSign integration means a smooth experience for completing and signing the application.

Watch our video below to understand how Intelledox Infiniti can help you.

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