Water Authority, Wannon Water – Implemented next-generation forms to improve safety and drive efficiencies

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Business Challenge

Wannon Water experienced several problems with their paper-based forms. These shortcomings were most evident during the Job Safety Analysis (JSA) – a form-based risk assessment designed to ensure a job is completed safely.

It is mandatory for all employees to complete a JSA before undertaking any high-risk job in the field, and approximately 300 JSA are submitted per month. However, the range of work undertaken by Wannon Water required completion of up to eleven separate forms to address the unique risks associated with each type of job.

This complex and arduous process often led to:

  • Abandoned forms or incomplete data
  • Forms forgotten or left in vehicles
  • Discrepancies with version control
  • Lack of access to ‘live’ data
  • Varying degrees of data quality
  • The need to re-enter data and potential for error


The Infiniti Solution

Wannon Water engaged Intelledox and business analysts FYB to:

  • Replace paper-based forms with digital forms
  • Implement an automated workflow
  • Create data analytics to improve training

This automated digital solution was designed to facilitate easier data collection, optimise business efficiencies, improve analytics and better leverage internal data.


Scope of Work

End to end digitisation and automation of all internal forms, from establishing processes to data capture to workflow to delivery.

Forms in scope included:

  • Job Safety Analysis
  • Request to attend personal development
  • Vehicle checklist
  • A number of internal process forms
  • Corporate services ordering
  • Onboarding attendance record


Business Outcomes

The successful implementation of next-generation forms at Wannon Water delivered positive outcomes by:

  • Removing the need for employees to handle paper. Digital forms are faster and easier to complete via smartphone or tablet; they also can’t be lost or left in vehicles
  • Incorporating simple language, a standardised drop-down ‘pick-list’ and a clear interface to provide a user-friendly experience. As the forms are easier to understand, they are completed to a higher standard, improving quality across the business
  • Prompting employees to fill out the sections they need to, according to the risks associated with the particular job. This intuitive process also reduced the JSA from eleven possible forms to just the one
  • Eliminating the need for scanning, emailing and manual form collection. This has allowed Wannon Water to redeploy people to other tasks within the business thus improving cost structure
  • Improving safety standards, reporting and compliance as live data can be accessed digitally at any time. This also eliminates issues with version control


Additional value creation

Next-generation forms have also presented Wannon Water with opportunities to further leverage data analytics.

It is easier for Wannon Water to analyse data now that standardised words have been introduced via a ‘picklist’. They can use this data to identify common safety hazards and areas for improvement, and in turn this has informed the frequency and delivery of internal training programs.

They have been able to identify employees that complete forms to a high standard, and use them to create new benchmarks across the business.

Overall, Intelledox automated digital forms have helped to improve safety, compliance, quality and efficiency at Wannon Water.

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