Travel Doctor Implemented Infiniti’s ‘Adaptive Interview’ next-generation forms to cut down on waiting times in their clinic.

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Business Environment

Travel Doctor is one of the largest individual suppliers of travel medicine services in the world. Travel Doctor has a large number of staff dedicated to travel medicine which includes trained doctors, nurses, specialist infectious disease physicians, parasitologists, and public health physicians.


Business Challenge

Travel Doctor required an electronic medical form solution for capturing patient information for their newly operating telephone consulting service for corporate clients. The required solution needed to work in an online environment and streamline the current paper-based medical form used for face-to-face consultations. In addition, the electronic medical form served as a traveler relationship management system that provides a history of traveler’s vaccination and medication provided by any Travel Doctor clinic through the country.

With the new solution, the whole process apart from the vaccination and medication dispensing is run online (a virtual clinic concept) and is all made possible by using Infiniti Next-Generation Forms & Adaptive Interview for traveler data capture and maintenance.


The Infiniti Solution

Infiniti was used to generate three Next-Generation forms for Travel Doctor. These Next-Generation forms enable the doctor consultation to take place over the telephone, and capture exactly the same information as a face-to-face consultation, and minimize the patient’s time spent in the clinic. The client only needs to attend the clinic to receive the vaccinations prescribed, rather than attending for a doctor consultation as well.

Using Infiniti Next-Generation forms, patient information including personal, health and trip details are captured online via a self-service portal. The completed and submitted Next-Generation forms are then sent to the Virtual Clinic at Travel Doctor with all details stored in the system.

Using the collected data, the doctor then conducts a telephone consultation with the traveler referring to the previously recorded information. The Adaptive Interview system is set up in such a way that validation is enforced and that the information entered is logical. The doctor then submits the completed form to the clinic where the traveler will receive their vaccinations/medications.

The final form is used by the nurses to carry out the nurse consultation and administer the prescribed medications and vaccinations. The form is dynamically generated, based on previously collated data and the doctor’s instructions. The consultation outcome document, known as the ‘Medication and Dispensing Summary’ is then generated. All the data collected throughout the process is stored in the system’s Microsoft SQL Server database and can be used for reporting and business intelligence if needed. For instance, Travel Doctor may ascertain the countries mostly visited by its clients and then focus on keeping its staff informed about the health conditions in these countries.


Business Benefits

  • Flexible initiative for Travel Doctor’s short term traveling corporate clients
  • Increase in business efficiency through the automation of correspondence generation process
  • Improved accuracy and delivery of information
  • Ability to reuse existing data
  • Automated creation and maintenance of template content
  • Capability to update templates as required without the need for programming

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