Queensland Health Provider integrated Infiniti next-generation forms to greatly enhance their registration process

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Business Environment

As one of the largest healthcare organizations in its region, this not-for-profit health and aged care provider specializes in a diverse range of health services including acute medical and surgical services, emergency care, aged care, diagnostics, mental health, and medical research and education.

This national health and aged care provider operates over 20 public, private, and aged care facilities, employing over 13,000 staff and the services of some 1,300 volunteers across the region. Each year, over a million people are treated and cared for by this organization.


Business Challenge

Every day, the health and aged care provider deals with a large volume of administrative and clinical preadmission guidelines prior to providing service and treating patients.

As patient volumes steadily increased, the former process which involved admin staff manually processing patient admission details became less and less efficient. The process for administrative pre-admission involved staff noting patient details manually in person or over the phone and then re-entering these details into a number of different administrative systems. With the increasing patient volumes, the lack of workflows & prioritization controls – not to mention the burden on administrative staff to attend to all patients in a timely manner – inaccuracies in entering these patient details became an issue if information is misunderstood.

In addition to this, the staff also had to deal with clinical pre-admission and risk screening processes for patients. This process was done over the phone and required the staff to contact every patient prior to their scheduled admission dates to confirm vital medical and general information. Similar to the administrative pre-admission process, the increasing number of patient volumes directly impacted the efficiency of this process. Delays or incorrect information lead to the hospital being ill-prepared to take care of the patient on their admission day.


The Infiniti Solution

To assist the organization in dealing with their business problems, Intelledox provided a solution that streamlines the data collection and administrative processes that the organization deals with. With the use of its Next-Generation forms, Intelledox developed a solution that features a secure online portal (site) that provides vital healthcare information to the patient and facilitates cross-channel online collection of the patient pre-admission data. The solution was built on an SQL database and secure web infrastructure that enabled the Next-Generation form to be published online, with the patient data captured and stored by the SQL server for later processing.

The new process eliminated the need for paper forms replacing it with an intuitive and guided online pre–administration interview process. Simple yes-or-no questions are widely used and examples are generally provided. Mandatory fields are specified, and succeeding question sets are based on the user’s answers to certain questions.

As part of the solution, Intelledox also implemented an intranet portal for hospital staff to retrieve patient information. Hospital staff are provided unique access credentials to the secure portal where they can process patient information for admissions. This portal is integrated with the organization’s PATIENT system – a tool for managing patient flow across the so-called continuum of care, from admission to discharge.

The solution also features the ability to generate formatted documents/communications for archive, print, and email. All these personalized communications are dynamically generated based on the answers they have given during the initial patient pre-admissions process.


Business Benefits

  • Patient Convenience: Unrestricted 24/7 patient access to enter pre-admission details at their own time and convenience
  • Improved access to information for patients and hospital staff
  • Reduced re-keying of information
  • Improved staff allocation
  • User validation for strict data control and stores user data for future admissions
  • Secure, electronic facility easing data transport and reducing potential for errors
  • Significant increase in business process efficiency, mainly in time it takes to collect patient information.

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The Intelledox implementation streamlines patient registration – it puts the patient in control of their personal details, and allows the staff to focus on other important business processes. Manager - Hospital

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