North Queensland Bulk Ports Increase Efficiency And Safety By Over 80% with Intelledox

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About the Customer

North Queensland Bulk Ports (NQBP) is one of Australia’s largest port authorities. It is responsible for issuing licenses and permits, environmental management and marine pollution (within port limits), strategic port planning and port business & infrastructure development.

NQBP also manages the safe passage of ships into and out of several Queensland ports including Hay Point and Mackay.


Safe and efficient passage depends on effective communication between the pilot, the captain, and the bridge team. A Passage Plan – which pilots use to capture data such as the ship’s time of arrival and departure, its dimensions and license number – is a critical part of these mooring operations.

NQBP sought to improve efficiency by upgrading the Passage Plan from a manual process to an automated solution, making it easier for pilots to capture, store and analyze data.

Business Challenge

Creating a Passage Plan at NQBP was a manual multistep process which relied on completion of paper-based forms and an Excel spreadsheet.

First, pilots needed to log into the Maritime Services Queensland (MSQ) database to look up essential information for each ship that entered and exited the port. Then they manually captured this data on a paper form, which they took on board the arriving or departing ship. Finally, they transferred this data onto an excel spreadsheet upon return to port, to store the information.

This laborious process had several drawbacks:

  • Manually looking up data and then completing paper forms and an Excel spreadsheet was time-consuming for pilots. There was significant room for error when copying data from the MSQ database
  • Pilots found the Excel spreadsheet, which was NBQPs first digital prototype, difficult to use due to their lack of technical knowledge
  • Mooring operations were regularly impacted due to delays in ships arriving or departing. This required a revised Passage Plan, which meant pilots needed to complete new forms – starting the multi-step process afresh

Business Outcomes

NQBP partnered with Intelledox to deliver an automated digital solution that improved efficiency and had potential to deliver data-generated insights.

A new digital Passage Plan was created using the Intelledox Infiniti platform. This consolidated a multistep process into a single electronic tool that can integrate with other data sources including MSQ. Integrating Infiniti with MSQ enables automatic pre-population of relevant data for each ship into the Passage Plan.

The digital form caters to NQBP’s data capture requirements, while providing the pilot with an intuitive interface that guides them through the process.

Additional Value Creation

The digital Passage Plan has delivered several efficiencies for NQBP:

  • It’s easier for pilots to manage mooring operations without tedious manual paperwork, and removes the need for paper forms and an Excel spreadsheet
  • Consolidating the steps involved in gathering and recording data has saved time. It now takes pilots 2 minutes to complete a form, as opposed to 10 minutes previously
  • Improved automation and reduced manual intervention results in fewer errors
  • Intelledox Infiniti is compatible with mobile devices, meaning pilots can access the digital Passage Plan wherever they need to – including on board ships – and can manage the workflow process in real-time
  • Integration with other data sources enables automatic updates of the information in the Passage Plan, for example if ships are delayed or plans change
  • Data captured during the process is stored in a centralized repository of information, facilitating easier cross-checking and analysis
  • Increased efficiency has also seen a significant rise in safety

There is also potential for the Intelledox Infiniti platform to deliver further benefits to NQBP in future. This includes extracting the hours worked by each pilot on the Passage Plans, in order to conduct fatigue analysis thus further increasing employee safety.

Automating and digitizing the Passage Plan has delivered broad efficiencies for NQBP and streamlined mooring operations across the board.

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