Intelledox provided Tradelink Hong Kong with a document automation solution that transformed their burdensome processes into an intelligent modus operandi, saving time and money.

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Business Environment

Tradelink has been growing rapidly since incorporating in 1988. Since publically listing in Hong Kong in 2005, and acquisition and development of the Digital Trade and Transportation Network (DTTN), the company has expanded rapidly and now supports a customer base of more than 54,000 companies, practically constituting the entire Hong Kong trade and logistics community.

The DTTN platform – the first electronic logistics infrastructure in the world – was created to address this need, by fully automating the logistics supply chain. The DTTN was designed to enable companies, large and small, to optimize their logistics processes and cut their operating costs by reducing delays, double handling, data entry time and errors. The DTTN embraces the full spectrum of players in the trade and logistics community including buyers/importers, sellers/exporters, freight forwarders
including third-party logistics service providers, freight carriers / import-export portals, terminal facilities, government and its agencies, banks and financial institutions, insurance companies, and trade inspection agencies.


Business Challenge

With more than 50,000 customers, 80 types of commonly used documents, and generating over 2 million documents per annum, Tradelink traditionally operated a process based on Microsoft Excel templates utilizing macros. This approach was very time-consuming, and template creation required programming knowledge and offered limited functionality. A lot of document manipulation was required, with significant time spent on editing and revision. As is typical of processes without centralized management and control, maintaining document consistency was proving to be very difficult.

Pursuing the stated goal of driving efficiency throughout the Hong Kong trade and logistics sector, and to deliver enhanced value of the DTTN to customers, Tradelink needed a cost-effective solution for document automation to facilitate electronic business exchange throughout the network.

The DTTN offers customers electronic creation and exchange of trade-related documents. The DTTN is a value-added business model that seeks to provide an open, neutral, secure, reliable and shared messaging infrastructure, compliant with local and international standards for security, trade documents, codes and protocols. The most common documents that customers of Tradelink utilize include:

  • Shipping orders
  • Sales orders
  • Purchase orders
  • Packing lists
  • Commercial invoices
  • Insurance certificates
  • Bills of lading
  • Bills of exchange
  • Certificates of origin
  • Payment confirmation


The Infiniti Solution

Intelledox provided Tradelink with a document automation solution that transformed their burdensome processes into an intelligent modus operandi. The custom portal was created to handle Tradelink custom requirements, including generic Intelledox features, and a dedicated Inbox/Outbox for the communications between parties.

The Intelledox solution saves Tradelink countless hours of dealing with order fulfillment tasks. In order to create a document, the user is now led through a simple wizard-style interface. The user is prompted to answer simple questions to complete the data requirements of the document. Corporate data is fully leveraged, and drawn from a range of Tradelink line of business systems to populate required document fields. The finished document is delivered back to the user in the Word or PDF format, or can be sent to any authorized party via the DTTN in the CXML format.

The Tradelink process flow is now highly efficient and user friendly. For example, a Buyer creates a purchase order utilizing Intelledox, draws data from required sources, and generates the document using the predetermined Tradelink document template, sends it to the Seller via the DTTN. The Seller then views and processes the purchase order from the Intelledox Portal Inbox. The Seller then generates an invoice based on the data from the purchase order and sends it back to the buyer.


Business Benefits

The Intelledox solution for Tradelink increases the utility of the DTTN for its users. Intelledox offers centralization of the document creation process which means that all templates can be accessed, generated, and maintained in one place. Ultimately, an improved e-commerce platform benefits the entire HK trade community and strengthens overall competitiveness of the trade and logistics industry in the region. Intelledox has permanently changed document-centric processes in Tradelink, and delivered a range of transformation benefits including:

  • Business user-driven template development – no longer reliant on specialized IT resources
  • Increased productivity – documents are produced in seconds, not minutes and hours
  • Simple solution that does not require computing proficiency of users
  • Dramatic increase in the accuracy of the shipping documentation
  • Document can be easily customized to incorporate approved corporate content and brand elements
  • Increased security – access to shipping documents templates is permission-driven by the DTTN

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