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Business Environment

The Australian National University (ANU) has an international reputation for excellence in research, education and policy expertise, and a distinct national mission that differentiates them from other higher education institutions. ANU intends to further their reputation as both Australia’s national university and Australia’s finest university.

All Universities, like ANU, face a range of business challenges including financial constraints, increasing regulatory demands and competition, and must embrace technology to address these challenges. In September 2014, Intelledox donated its flagship software, Infiniti, to ANU. The Intelledox Digital Transformation Centre was established within the University to help transform administrative practices through the automation and streamlining of business processes, with the goal of ongoing administrative improvement.


Business Challenge

ANU aspires to develop University-wide digital administrative processes. The digital processes must be context-aware; automatically retrieving user’s personal details, roles, supervisors and where appropriate, financial and budget codes. In addition, the processes must be highly accessible and straight forward at the user level and reportable at the University level.

The initial project was to create one repeatable digital process to act as the foundation project for efficient organizational change.

The cost of travel administration was estimated at more than $2.2M per annum, making administrative improvement in this area a significant priority. The Travel Approval process was identified as the University’s most inefficient, highly manual, and lengthy and multi-layered process that was costly and provided no real-time visibility, governance or reporting. It would benefit substantially from streamlining and became the University’s flagship transformation process.


The Infiniti Solution

For Travel Approval, in just eight weeks an Infiniti self-serve workflow was developed to transform the Travel Approval process. The new web-based system replaces 10 individual manual forms processes duplicated across the University, fully integrating with the core HR, Finance and Student systems, and externally to the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade website.

The new travel approval process was launched to staff and students in November 2014 and after experiencing how easily Infiniti streamlined and digitized this process, a priority list for future projects was developed. Infiniti is now used to facilitate centralized digital administrative processes for ANU.


Solution Highlights

  • Automated multi-user approval process
  • Reportable and auditable
  • Email alerts, escalations and confirmation
  • Direct links to staff and student directory
  • Dynamic content and workflow depending on destination and risk factors
  • Real-time connection to Oracle PeopleSoft
  • Real-time connection to Oracle Financial Management System for automated per diems and funding for travel expenses (flights, accommodation, etc.)
  • Repeatable digital transformation process
  • Link to the Dept. Of Foreign Affairs & Trade ‘Smart Traveller’ Travel Advice RSS Feed


Business Benefits

  • Over $6.1 million net benefits
  • Automated and streamlined process
  • Web-based service – easy access for users
  • Elimination of low-value admin effort
  • Business owns the software – no software engineers needed from Intelledox
  • Multi-user approval/escalation process
  • Fast development, digitalized in just 8 weeks
  • Real-time data of current travel status across the University
  • Reduced errors and accurate reporting
  • Over 170 projects identified for future digital transformation including on-boarding of visiting staff.


Technical Environment/Integration Points

  • Links to Oracle Financial Management System
  • Links to the core HR system to make payment of allowances
  • Can link to any preferred reporting tool
  • Validates responses against legacy system responses
  • Pulls staff and student information from the core HR system
  • Pushes expense data to Finance System
  • Draws live destination risk information directly from Department of Foreign Affairs & Trade website


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