Intelledox enables AON to improve broker productivity by 15%

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Realising a Vision

AON turned to Fuji Xerox and Intelledox when the time came to look for more efficient ways of delivering these rural and fire inspection services.

Jonathan Cook, Information Technology Manager for AON, said, “We started on a new technology journey about three years ago, and we’re looking for partners who would become an extension of our team.


Going Rural

AON’s insurance broking service to rural clients relied heavily on dedicated brokers, who made personal visits to collect the information needed to price and prepare a proposal. It was a paper- heavy, manual process, and AON knew it had the potential to be faster and more responsive.

“We had challenges to solve in the rural industry, and a vision of how to do that,” said Jonathan Cook.
“One of the main issues was the speed of data collection. Our brokers might be out on the road visiting clients for days on end. Over that time, they’d collect all this handwritten information, which they’d carry around until they made it back to their offices. Only then could they finally copy the information into our two insurance rating engines and prepare a quotation.”


The Need for Speed

As in any business, turnaround time is critical to delivering outstanding service and converting leads into sales. The manual process meant that AON took a week or more to provide a rural client with a proposal. A mobility solution, with brokers inputting data directly into an application and providing on-the-spot ratings for the client, would be far more effective. That way, different premium and excess options could be discussed with the client at the time. Decisions can be made instantly, rather than weeks later.

Together, Fuji Xerox, Intelledox Infiniti platform and AON developed the Rural Application Solution, to make signing up new rural businesses a quicker and more rewarding experience. AON brokers capture client information directly onto a form on a tablet, generating instant electronic insurance quotes. Options can be discussed there and then. This level of professionalism works to strengthen client trust in AON, leads to quicker decisions and, in many cases, increased revenue. Rural Application also generates a processing sheet for the AON processing hub which automatically completes all the back-end ‘paperwork’. Brokers only need to collect the client’s signature and head to the next appointment.


Streamlined service

AON’s rural brokers are now more efficient, and don’t have a daunting pile of paperwork to face after a week of traveling the rugged rural backroads of New Zealand.

AON estimates that Rural Application has already delivered at least a 15% increase in broker productivity.

“The streamlined workflow processes behind the app have halved the number of manual steps required to generate, modify and present quotations and options,” said Cook. “It’s effectively consolidated a week’s worth of work down to just a few days. The quality of the brokers’ reports has improved significantly, and the data they’ve collected is far more consistent.”

“While Rural Application has been a big learning curve for many of our brokers, they quickly realised the advantages and embraced the technology. There’s a genuine excitement about the application, and they’re keen to see how we can extend it even further.”


Leading the way in fire inspection

AON dominate the New Zealand market in providing fire inspection services for commercial and public access buildings. Their ISO17020 accredited services verify that a premise’s sprinklers, alarms and other equipment comply to the Building Act, certifying that they’re eligible for new or renewed insurance cover. Certification is issued for a two- year period, and AON’s ten inspectors visit over 2,500 buildings a year, throughout New Zealand.

The amount of detail required on AON’s previous paper-based fire inspection form made it cumbersome to use. Inspectors made extensive hand-written notes as they moved from room to room and floor to floor, recording issues or faults to remedy.

They usually visited a series of sites before returning to the office. This meant it could take several days before their extensive notes were handed over to the administration team to enter into AON’s system and generate a report. The entire process – inspection, preparing the report, producing invoices for services – could take up to four weeks.


Going mobile

AON and Fuji Xerox and Intelldox worked together to develop a tablet-based mobility solution for the fire inspection service. Intelledox Infiniti platform is mobile ready and adapts to any device.

The solution includes smart-form questionnaires. They are quick and easy to use, and inspectors can attach digital photographs. So now official findings go back to the office via the tablet as soon as the inspection is finished. The application automatically generates a report – which is reviewed, rather than compiled, by the administration team.

The mobility solution reduced the time to generate reports from four weeks to a staggering two days. “The whole process is so much quicker now,” said Cook. “Our inspectors don’t need to worry about doing the administration side of the job. They just concentrate on completing the job.”

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We had high expectations of a partner who could be flexible and dynamic and an extension of our team. I’m pleased to say that Fuji Xerox and Intelledox exceeded our expectations and were a pleasure to work with every step of our journey. Jonathan Cook, Information Technology Manager for AON

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