Intelledox empowered the Department of Infrastructure to digitally transform their old vehicle import application process

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Business Environment

The Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development (DIRD) assists the Government to promote, evaluate, plan and invest in infrastructure and to foster an efficient, sustainable, competitive,
safe and secure transport system.

As part of this responsibility, DIRD administers legislation to maintain Australia’s road vehicle fleet status as one of the safest in the world. Large manufacturers looking to import vehicles must apply to the department for import approval before their vehicles can be transported into Australia and be cleared by Australian customs.


Business Challenge

DIRD receives over 20000 vehicle import applications per year. Before the Intelledox Infiniti solution was implemented in May 2013, the application process placed significant strain on limited resources.

The previous system required applicants to download one of three Microsoft Word documents. Applicants then returned the completed forms to DIRD along with a manual processing fee. This process was time consuming and difficult for applicants to complete without departmental assistance. Over 80 per cent of
applicants required further contact with DIRD before obtaining import approval.

The department handled more than 40000 phone queries each year in support of approving an import application. This placed increasing demands on staff in an environment of resource constraints and client response expectations. Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development CIO, Gary Leifheit.

The Infiniti Solution

Intelledox delivered a new online application system that minimized the need for requesting additional information after users lodged their applications; simplified the assessment process, optimized timeframes for making decisions on applications, and leveraged the department’s existing legacy line of business systems.

Using its flagship product, Infiniti, Intelledox created a single dynamic web form to guide users through the application process. The form integrated with the department’s existing content management system, Microsoft SharePoint, and its customer relationship management system, Microsoft Dynamics.

Users could select a vehicle import option or options, enter relevant details and upload supporting documentation, such as copies of their drivers’ license or letters from a freight forwarding agent. The form drew on existing departmental data, such as information from previous import applications (accessed through Intelledox-built connectors with Microsoft Dynamics and SharePoint), so that frequent importers need not re-enter certain details each time they lodge an application.

Once lodged, completed applications were saved against the contact within the notes section of Microsoft Dynamics. They are also saved with contact assigned metadata in a pre-determined SharePoint folder.

The new smart web forms replaced the current forms and can be lodged directly with DIRD.

In the first three months following the smart web form’s release, over 2800 electronic applications were received. Up to 95 per cent of applicants chose to pay using the form’s credit card payment gateway. The new forms were so successful that the department started to phase out paper application forms less than two months after implementing the Intelledox solution.

The department is now looking to further expand its use of Intelledox Infiniti and its services across a range of external and internal business processes.

Intelledox significantly reduced the applicant query rate and additional contact needed to clarify information provided from over 80 per cent to less than 20 per cent of throughput. This improved assessment turnaround times and reduced manual processes. The success of this first project has resulted in Infiniti being used as the core client-facing component of another application process, and additionally involves data integration to back-end business systems. Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development CIO, Gary Leifheit

Business Benefits

  • Significant productivity improvements
  • Improved assessment turnaround times
  • Less time spent on manual processes
  • Improved application quality through support for online electronic forms
  • Reduced form complexity, improved presentation and structuring of questions
  • Improved data integrity through a reduction in ineligible and incorrect import applications
  • Introduction of document lifecycle management concept and capability
  • Permission-driven software with built-in security roles to make sure only authorized users can create, maintain and generate templates.

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The department is now looking to further expand its use of Intelledox Infiniti and its services across a range of external and internal business processes. Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development CIO, Gary Leifheit

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