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Business Environment

The maritime sector is the cornerstone of Australia’s transport industry. Safe, efficient, environmentally sustainable maritime operations are critical to improving the country’s national productivity and maintaining its reputation in regard to environmental management, marine safety and security.

With this in mind, the Australian government’s shipping reforms package, Stronger Shipping for a Stronger Economy, is one of the most significant reforms in Australia’s maritime history. The new framework, which is administered by the Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development and was introduced in 2012, includes a three-tiered licensing regime. It supports Australian shipping while establishing clear boundaries around the necessary role of foreign vehicles in Australia’s coastal trade.

The implementation of the new coastal trading regime significantly altered the process of applying for, processing and granting licenses that authorise vessels to carry passengers and cargo between Australian ports.


Business Challenge

In light of these reforms, the department wanted to simplify how it collected and processed coastal shipping licenses. Its intention was to make it easier for shipping companies to apply for, track and review permits and reduce associated administrative costs.

As part of the new solution, external stakeholders needed to apply for licenses and variations, submit voyage reports and notifications and track the status of their applications online. Internal stakeholders required a solution that could help process license applications, submit delegate approvals, record delegate decisions, receive voyage notifications and reports, enable search and reporting capabilities and automate end-to-end record keeping.

The previous application process was paper-based and resource intensive, while payments and communications were processed manually.


The Infiniti Solution

Intelledox implemented a scalable government-to-corporation engagement solution to digitize the coastal trading license application process.

External users are now guided through the application process by an Infiniti next-generation form, which can be used on any smart device. Built-in business rules ensure that this data is pushed to Microsoft SharePoint (used as the applicant portal) and then to Microsoft Dynamics (used as a case management portal) for internal processing. Once the application is approved, it is returned to SharePoint and applicants are prompted to make payment through a secure payment gateway. This model can be repeated across any government agency and can be used as a platform for case management, records management, billing, workflow and record generation.


Solution Highlights

  • Guest and user authentication
  • Microsoft Word as the back-end editor (no coding or programming required)
  • Multi-author approval and escalation processes
  • Data validation
  • Centralized management to improve governance and compliance
  • Multi-channel output & Dynamic Content

Since the project’s implementation in late 2013, the Department has reported over 4000 electronic interactions between external stakeholders (such as shipping companies) and the departmental processing team.


Business Benefits

  • Faster permit assessment turnaround times
  • More efficient and effective regulatory operating system
  • Greater transparency of decision processes
  • Web-based service for clients and reduced scope for errors
  • Reduced resource requirements for data entry
  • Streamlined reporting methods to meet legislative requirements
  • Ability to capture information around coastal trading movements to support infrastructure planning and research, including data analysis
  • Increased productivity and efficiency due to streamlined, straight-forward processes
  • HTML5/SAML/WCCAG compliant


Technical Environment/Integration Points

  • Microsoft SharePoint portal to support external stakeholder interaction with the department
  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM for application case management
  • Microsoft SQL for persisting database
  • MS IIS
  • HP TRIM (coming soon)

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Working alongside Microsoft Dynamics and SharePoint, Intelledox Infiniti is an affordable, contemporary enterprise-class solution that has delivered significant productivity benefits through automation of legislated business processes. The solution benefits both our internal staff and external clients through greater visibility of processes and enables more timely interactions with the department. Gary Leifheit, CIO

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