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To accelerate your digital transformation, we have a number of services that you can use with the Intelledox platform.

Hosted Managed Services

Do you need a fully managed service?

Once your solution is built Intelledox offers the platform as a Microsoft Azure-based cloud deployment. All tasks to perform the installation and management of the environment are performed by the Intelledox team. As a baseline, the service essentially provides the platform software for you to configure and maintain using the Intelledox interfaces. Everything from the software platform including servers, patching, networking and infrastructure is provided by Intelledox or its supplier Microsoft through Intelledox. 

Professional Services

If you want to take your digital transformation to the next level and need some help we can provide you with a unique combination of tools and expertise to turbocharge your team. Intelledox professional services are provided as a mix of onsite and remote expert resourcing. Offerings include:

Product Coach

An offering of recurring time with a certified Intelledox Product Expert to augment and enhance in-house expertise. Delivered as a dedicated day(s) per month on a subscription basis this person could be used for maintenance of forms, minor changes and updates as well as providing guidance on upcoming and newly released features which could be used to your businesses advantage. 

Enable your solution to align with strategic business direction with dedicated recurring time with an expert.

Project Services

A scoped engagement to architect, design, document and implement a solution with the Intelledox platform to your specific requirements. 

Enhancing your solution

Offered as ad-hoc or on a subscription basis, Intelledox Professional Services can be engaged to take an existing solution to the next level. This could include enhancements to what has been implemented, re-platforming to the cloud, migrations of data sources and delivering on new requirements of your business. 

Deployment Services

Scoped engagement to architect, design and execute a deployment of the Inteledox platform into a client infrastructure including private cloud. 

Upgrade Services

Scoped engagement to identify and execute an upgrade of your existing platform and projects to a later version of the Intelledox platform. Scope would typically include a review of any existing customization and theming as well as identify new features which could be implemented to enhance the existing solution.

Ad-hoc additional Services

Provided on a time and materials basis this offering allows a scoped engagement to suit the business need. These services are provided in addition to Support and Maintenance, such as diagnosing and correcting reported problems which are outside the scope of Support Services.

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