Modules for Customer Engagement

Transform Customer Engagement | Intelledox Platform — See how the Intelledox platform modules work together to transform your customer engagement.

Intelledox Design

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Intelledox Infiniti Design preview

The design module offers an easy, drag-and-drop-style GUI for constructing adaptive interviews, mapping data sources and defining workflow rules and other business logic. Use familiar authoring tools like Microsoft Word and Excel to define the outbound communications.

Intelledox Produce

Intelledox Infiniti Produce preview

Intelledox Produce is the multilingual web app that enables your end users to access next-generation forms and personalized dashboards. It’s the behind-the-scenes workflow engine that automates your back-end processes, allowing projects to be assigned to multiple users, including those external to your organization, through final approval and creation. This powerful platform module can produce almost any type of document, including statements of work, employment contracts, HR documentation, home loan applications, license applications, traffic infringement notices, patient pre-admission forms and much more.

Intelledox Manage

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Intelledox Infiniti Manage preview

Intelledox Manage is the administrative portal that gives authorized users tools to manage and publish forms and documents. Intelledox’s permission-driven system ensures that content remains secure, consistent and accurate. Administrators can set up resources for use in document generation projects, such as connections to external data sources, and update configurations for the Intelledox environment.

Intelledox GO

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Intelledox Infiniti GO preview

Intelledox GO, the native mobile device with offline capability for Windows, iOS and Android, complements the existing suite of Intelledox browser-based solutions. It’s key feature is that it has full offline capabilities including the ability to customize the look and feel to match your organization or use case. The data transfer when moving from off-line to on-line is seamless and easy.

Intelledox Analytics

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Data-driven insights are now available to fine-tune your customer or staff experience. With no additional configuration, Intelledox not only captures and collates data for the adaptive interview but analyzes and collects data on how the end user is progressing thus enabling you to continuously improve the process. The analytics captured include:

  • The journey the user takes through the interview and subsequent workflow
  • The location and device specifics of the end user
  • Drop-off points when a user doesn’t complete a process
  • All answers, selections and uploaded data that the business wants to gather from the user

This rich data is available for consumption from within the Intelledox platform to create reports and trends but also available to external third-party applications so you can drive change through data-driven insights, not just anecdotal evidence.

Intelledox's product and design expertise delivered significant productivity benefits to the department... It reduced the applicant query rate and additional contact needed to clarify information from over 80 percent of all applicants to less than 20 percent. Gary Leifheit, CIO, Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development

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