Intelledox Infiniti Data Connectors

Unlock the power of data – the data that you know exists can now be collected and connected with speed and ease

Getting access to valuable data assets in your organization can now be extracted and integrated into any customer interaction simply and easily using an array of Intelledox Quick Connectors

Quick Connectors are fast, easy and flexible to use

Businesses today can’t survive without access to accurate, timely and comprehensive data

It’s so exasperating when you know you have valuable data in systems that can either improve the customer experience or remove complexity, cost and risk from your business but you just can’t get access to it.

Retrieving it can be very costly, timely and unusable so you end up using suboptimal and often clumsy process to cover up.  Engaging IT to prepare, load and integrate between systems can also be frustrating and time consuming.  IT often have different priorities so the business is left discouraged at optimizing data-driven processes. Intelledox Infiniti includes fast and easy ways to unlock the data and get it working for you with its quick connectors.

Your customers and staff will value confirming data rather than entering multiple times and be wowed by the personalization presented. Your back office will work on higher value tasks. The business will invest in the efficiency savings you will see.

Some of our Quick Connectors include:

Microsoft Dynamics 365 logo

Microsoft Dynamics 365


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SQL Server



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Fast & Easy

IT teams tells us how they can just configure Intelledox Infiniti once and then leave the business to grab what they need when they need it. Cut off the long tail of projects and get moving with Intelledox Infiniti Quick Connectors

Repeatable & Reusable icon

Repeatable & Reusable

Work with IT about where your data is and which system you need and Intelledox Infiniti will handle all the low level frustrations.  Once connected your data is reusable and at your fingertips.

Both IT and business units will appreciate the low code, low touch connectivity.

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An extensible platform with tools based on open standards which offer prebuilt integration with systems such as:

  • Customer Relationship Management Solutions
  • Enterprise Content Management Systems
  • Business Process Management Solutions
  • Line of Business Solutions

Intelledox Infiniti includes fast and easy ways to unlock the data and get it working for you with its quick connectors.

  • Customer relationship management (CRM) solutions like Salesforce or Dynamics, so you can utilise data
  • Enterprise content management (ECM), like SharePoint, IBM or Documentum, so you can archive and retrieve content
  • Business process management (BPM) solutions like IBM or Pega in support of highly advanced back office automation
  • Line of business back office solutions, like Duck Creek for insurance or Symitarfor credit unions
  • Digital signature solutions, like DocuSign
  • Finance, HR or other administration systems like SA
"Working alongside Microsoft Dynamics and SharePoint, Intelledox Infiniti is an affordable, contemporary enterprise-class solution that has delivered significant productivity benefits through automation of legislated business processes. The solution benefits both our internal staff and external clients through greater visibility of processes and enables more timely interactions with the department." Gary Leifheit — CIO, Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development