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Intelledox is built on world-class Microsoft technologies, including .NET framework, Internet Information Server (IIS) and Microsoft SQL Server.


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Intelledox can be quickly delivered on premise, or public or private cloud. As SaaS in the Intelledox multi-tenant environment, or on PaaS Windows Azure or Amazon AWS.


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To more effectively manage your corporate information, the Intelledox platform is hosted on central servers. This optimizes document creation time, increases the reliability of business processes and makes it easier to manage changes. From an implementation perspective, centralized management makes installation and upgrades easier, too.


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Intelledox’s powerful engine is scalable and can produce more than 200,000 documents per hour with fully auditable statistical and exception reporting. The platform scales both horizontally and vertically supporting auto scale infrastructure technologies out of the box.


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With pre-built connectors developed with our technology partners, Intelledox works effortlessly with your existing line-of-business (LOB) systems. Quick Connectors provide fast integration with leading systems of record, including Salesforce, MS Dynamics 365, MS SharePoint and DocuSign. Configurable Connectors provide a set of industry-standard protocols that can be configured for your environment. Configurable connectors are available for OLEDB, SQL Server, CSV, ODBC, RSS Feed, XML Web Services, XML, JSON and RESTful web services.


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Using metadata to differentiate each document, Intelledox makes the process of archiving and retrieving documents as easy as searching metadata categories. Intelledox’s integration with systems such as HP TRIM ensures speed and accuracy. The on-demand Customer Communications Management(CCM) solution integrates with your Enterprise Content Management (ECM) workflow to deliver output documents and data. This capability reduces risks while improving data integrity, security and user productivity. Intelledox generates and stores documents in the right location and format.

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