On-Demand Customer Communication Management

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Maximise every touch point across your customer journey with a range of Customer Communication solutions from Smart Communications and Intelledox.

Reduce IT costs. Customer Communication Management (CCM) designed for the business user.

Intelledox’s document automation capability enables business users to quickly and easily create communication templates, with drag-and-drop features, to make design a breeze. Leverage your existing Microsoft Word and PDF files to automate the creation and delivery of personalized customer communications, in real-time, that are relevant, compelling and in the appropriate channel. Support for mobile and digital channels is built in.

This focus on simplicity saves on IT resources and enables you to get new processes built in record time. Boost efficiency while ensuring accuracy, consistency and compliance.

The Intelledox on-demand customer communication management capability is perfect for producing personalized:

  • Proposals and Quotes
  • Contracts and loan applications
  • Negotiated agreements
  • Statements of Advice (SOA)
  • Insurance policies
  • Customer correspondence
  • Financial reports
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Maximize efficiency by seamlessly integrating with eSignature platforms, including DocuSign

After you create a contract, application, claim, or other transactional document, drive immediate eSignature of digital agreements, contracts and proposals through out-of-the-box integration with DocuSign. Intelledox also integrates with leading Enterprise Content Management (ECM) platforms for archival of key documents and communication.

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Deliver multilingual communications for stronger global relationships

Intelledox provides full multilingual support, so you can customize your communications for any local market. Customize the platform to provide user interaction in Spanish, Portuguese, Korean, Chinese, Dutch, French, German, Arabic, Thai, Italian, and many more languages.

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Analyze what’s working in your documents – and what’s not

Intelledox features robust analytics that enables your business to see what components and fragments in your communications are being used most frequently. This enables you to optimize not only your templates – but evaluate what’s working in your communications strategy.

Benefits at a glance:

  • Generate and deliver personalized digital messages and traditional documents in real time, on demand to any device
  • Improve the customer experience with mobile support
  • Speed up time to market
  • Ensure brand integrity and reduce the risk of document errors
  • Centrally manage common content blocks – and analyze which content is used most often
  • Archive and process your communications easily through core systems, including ECM, BPM, CRM, ERP, etc.
While people are living highly digital lives mediated by electronic communications - the typical consumer owns three mobile devices - customers still expect the opportunity to interact personally in real time. Moreover, they want to be treated as an individual, not an account number or a generic market segment. Insurance Innovation Reporter

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