Next Generation Forms

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Accelerate the rate at which information flows between people, enterprises and business systems to deploy a successful digital customer engagement.

The form of the future may not be a form at all

Just about every enterprise business uses traditional paper and electronic methods – including PDFs and smart forms – to collect information and initiate activities, but the digital era is making those limited paradigms obsolete.

As customers demand frictionless, personal communications, interactions must become increasingly digital from end-to-end. Intelledox’s digital experiences adapt to users, devices, and processes because they’re:

  • Integrated — Built-in connectors link to your systems of record.
  • Intelligent — Existing data and user inputs drive intuitive conversations.
  • Intuitive — Anyone can use the low-code, solution ready Intelledox platform.
  • Omni-channel — Users can use any device, save their work and resume where they left off.
  • Automated — Manual processes, such as re-keying and OCR, are reduced or eliminated.

Just some of the benefits of using Intelledox Next-Generation Forms are:

  • Built-in connectors create links to current data sources
  • User-inputs combine with existing data to create intuitive conversations
  • The low-code, solution- ready platform doesn’t require scare IT resources
  • Manual processes, like re-keying and OCR, are reduced or eliminated so you reduce risk and improve accuracy
  • Customers can use any digital device, save work and return to it later so you can deliver on the customer experience your customers and staff now demand
  • Information gathering can be fully automated to accelerate revenue flow
  • Customer inputs can trigger automated process workflows
  • Links to 3rd party data sources can be used and approved
  • In summary you create a faster, simpler, and more engaging customer experience

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