Intelledox Infiniti Analytics

Use Data Analytics to improve your customer engagement strategies with the speed and ease you have come to expect from Intelledox

Delivering an omni channel experience for your customers is made easy with Intelledox Infiniti – not only does improved engagement lead to higher revenues but when you rethink your processes you can save significant costs and also make your staff happier as they feel more productive.

Intelledox has launched its new Analytics Insights Module to give you access to actionable insights to important aspects of the Infiniti platform so you no longer have to guess or delay decisions. Now you can use accurate, current and expansive data sets to inform the right decisions around all your processes

What is Intelledox Analytics Insights?

No longer do you have to make critical decisions based only on your gut. You can now implement agile in your decisioning and use dynamic data insights to inform you. You can test, measure learn and fine-tune all your journeys so that your objectives are maximised.


Gain visibility into where forms are abandoned. Don’t frustrate your clients, prospects or teams

Intelledox Analytics Insights allows you to identify what questions seem to stymie your customers in any digital engagement.   When you are using adaptive digital interview you can evaluate what questions are served up the most often and what ones never come up.  Test your hypotheses easily and optimize so you can improve completion rates.


How do I deploy it?

The Analytics Insights Module is a separate module of Version 10.  Once version 10 is deployed the analytics module is easy to connect and the dashboard can be created with different lenses.  Contact us to speak to one of our Digital Enablement Specialists