Platform Overview

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Digital Customer Engagement | Intelledox Platform

Your customers want a “wow” digital customer experience. Show them you’re listening with Intelledox and accelerate revenue, improve accuracy, reduce risk and deliver operational improvements at the same time

An adaptive platform that allows you to collect data using guided forms, connect with a number of internal and 3rd party data and systems so that the user experience is positive and enriched. Accelerate revenue, improve accuracy, reduce risk and improve operationally as you allow your users to collaborate and generate customer communication documents and content whilst dynamically updating all parties and systems of record. The platform can be deployed on-premise or in the cloud and we support both.

The Complex Made Simple

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Customers are savvy and demanding. They want things now. They want things to be easy and they want to interact with you on every device – at any hour – without a hiccup. The Intelledox platform from Intelledox enables you to create an end-to-end digital customer experience, that is personalized to each customer and that streamlines your business processes. Make the digital move now, and we’ll start getting you to “wow” in 30 days or less. Learn more about what makes Intelledox so unique – and powerful.

Next-Generation Forms

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Let’s start with data gathering. Intelledox replaces forms with an adaptive digital customer experience that makes it easier for customers to complete applications, contracts, claims and more. (PS – discover why the future of forms may not be a form at all).

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Experience-Driven Workflow

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Intelledox connects to your data sources, driving intelligent, automated processes behind the scenes. The workflow engine also lets you connect stakeholders to speed time to market and respond more rapidly to customers.

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On-Demand Customer Communications Management (CCM)

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Your customers live in a multichannel world, and now you can, too. With our modern communications management tool, you can deliver what your customers need right away on demand, from personalized quotes to order confirmations, whether they request it by phone, online or mobile app.

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Easy connections to your business-critical IT systems

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Intelledox is built to connect to business-critical IT systems, extending your investment in CRM, ECM, BPM and core systems. We offer out-of-the-box connectors for SharePoint, Dynamics 365, Salesforce, DocuSign and many more. We can deploy on-premise or in the cloud and support a number of hybrid solutions to meet your needs.

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Design. Deploy. Manage. Measure.

Intelledox simplifies customer application development through its modular components that work as a cohesive whole, so you can work faster with minimal stress and effort.

Intelledox Produce

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A single web portal lets you publish and access projects you create in Intelledox Design. Automate back-end business processes and assign multiple users to projects.

Intelledox iDesign

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Web-based drag-and-drop tools make it easy to create interactions your customers will love.

Intelledox Manage

Intelledox Manage Logo imageOur administrative portal has all the switches and levers to connect, configure and monitor your environment.

Intelledox GO

Intelledox GO Logo imageOn the move? This mobile-ready version of Intelledox offers full online and offline capabilities, so you can capture customer information and stay productive anywhere, even when Wi-Fi is hard to find.


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The Intelledox REST Application Programming Interface allows developers to enable third-party systems to interact with specific Intelledox functionality provided in Manage and Produce.

Intelledox Analytics

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Track every customer interaction and use real-time analytics to make smart decisions about how to optimize your processes and communications templates, so you can make the customer experience even more “wow.”

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