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Connect your Jack Henry Symitar platform and transform the digital customer experience with Intelledox

Banks and credit unions using Symitar Episys as a back-office platform can now use that data to deliver a personalized, adaptive digital and mobile-friendly experience along the customer journey. Connect Symitar with the Intelledox platform to streamline and accelerate your data-driven interactions, from acquisition and onboarding to servicing and account maintenance.

Low-code Intelledox platform enables credit unions and regional banks to bring customer-facing digital transformation to life quickly and easily

Credit unions and regional banks often set themselves apart by offering superior service. But if you find it challenging to keep up with the pace of digital innovation with limited IT resources, you need solutions tailored for business users.

With Intelledox you don’t need programming expertise. Build adaptive experiences without coding or IT intervention, so you can launch new products and services quickly. We make it easy to produce, review and approve data, content and final documents. Get up and running in weeks, not months or years.

Here are just a few of typical use cases.

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New loan applications which involve collaboration before the agreement is finalized and ready to be signed, especially in commercial lending.

Reduce Expenses

Skip a pay offers where the member defers payment on a loan while the bank continues to capture interest.

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Member account self-service, where the bank wants to offer members the chance to update or request information online.

Create a seamless end-to-end experience connected to Symitar.


Use new information gathered in a digital interview to automatically update your Symitar Episys system. This improves overall data integrity and minimizes the risks of inaccuracy that can come when forms are processed by employees manually or even using OCR.Symitar Diagram


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Revenue growth for existing and new customers

Reduce friction in any customer interaction by enabling customers to confirm known data rather than starting with a blank form. Improve acquisition by reducing time to complete new business applications. Reach more digital natives and younger customers by offering a mobile-friendly experience. Strengthen customer brand perception.

Compliance made easy

Improve data integrity and minimize compliance risks by connecting with information in the Symitar Episys system. Minimize the risks of inaccuracy that are endemic when forms are processed by employees manually or even using Optical Character Recognition (OCR).

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Quantifiable efficiency increases for customers and staff

Eliminate manual processes and the need to re-key data, as well as the inefficiencies of managing incorrect or incomplete forms and data. Simplify the transition from old legacy to modern digital processes and workflows. Reduce calls into contact center by simplifying customer self service.

Intelledox will integrate with other core systems, too, to access customer information in your CRM platform or content archived in your ECM system. Connect Intelledox with e-signature solutions like DocuSign to deliver a seamless end-to-end digital interaction. If you’d like to extend your investment in your existing IT stack while improving your digital customer experience, let’s talk.


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