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Intelledox launches a new Microsoft AI enabled platform to speed the digitization of forms to build citizen trust for government departments and agencies

Governments globally have commenced their journey of digital transformation in order to deliver services citizens want and need.  Whilst many government departments have embraced new technology, updated processes and changed workforce skills the pressure is on to stay ahead.  This latest module will give you the speed and agility you need.

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Do you want to move from paper to digital data collection and seize all the benefits that follow?

PDF forms are the de facto standard for government departments and agencies who want to move from paper to digital data collection. However, the development and processing of PDF forms are often manual, difficult, outdated and mobile unfriendly. Traditionally, the transformation of a PDF form to a truly adaptive and intuitive web form requires significant amounts of time, skills and effort and is a significant barrier for government departments and agencies to become truly digital. Now governments can leverage this latest Artificial Intelligence innovation to do the heavy lifting and speed up the often monotonous process of digitization allowing your team to focus on higher value projects that citizens need.


How the Intelledox Platform uses the latest AI from Microsoft to speed up a Government Digital Transformation Program

Infiniti Accelerate Process Diagram

Intelledox Accelerate is designed to handle the transformation of the following:

  • Fillable PDF forms, by reading the pre-existing fillable field definitions within the PDF format and understanding the context of each field to extract the field text and section groupings.
  • Non-fillable PDF forms, which need to be printed to fill in the fields provided are transformed by using computer vision technology and machine learning to match common form patterns.
  • Digital forms and images are captured in a photo format and then transformed to an Intelledox form using OCR and AI using:
    • Microsoft Azure and Microsoft AI that learns as it converts transforms PDF’s
    • Automatic transformation of PDF forms into intuitive, adaptive web form experience
    • Auto-detect field types and languages
    • No coding or scripting
    • Auto-linking third-party systems/data

Some Use Cases where Intelledox Accelerate uses AI to speed your digitalization journey

  • Citizen Application Processes
  • Citizen Licencing Management
  • Citizen Notifications
  • Service Requests
  • Case Management Submissions
  • Accreditation Management
  • Citizen Safety Management

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