Next-Generation Forms

Digital Customer Engagement — The path to successful customer engagement is a truly digital experience.

Satisfy your customers

  • Engage digital natives and others with the digital experiences they prefer using our Next-Generation Form builder
  • Deliver real-time, personalized communications across channels, including email, text, social media, print, PDF or MS Office
  • Constantly improve the customer experience

Generate Revenue

  • Increase completion rates and close more business
  • Get new products and services to market faster

Cut Costs

  • Reduce compliance risks
  • Automate information gathering and ensure data integrity
  • Create a single user experience across languages; no need to rebuild or copy your experience just to target a new language or culture where you do business

The form of the future may not be a form at all

Just about every enterprise business uses traditional paper and electronic methods – including PDFs and smart forms – to collect information and initiate activities, but the digital era is making those limited paradigms obsolete.

As customers demand frictionless, personal communications, interactions must become increasingly digital from end-to-end. Intelledox Infiniti’s digital experiences adapt to users, devices, and processes because they’re:

  • Integrated — Built-in connectors link to your systems of record.
  • Intelligent — Existing data and user inputs drive intuitive conversations.
  • Intuitive — Anyone can use the low-code, solution ready Infiniti platform.
  • Omni-channel — Users can use any device, save their work and resume where they left off.
  • Automated — Manual processes, such as re-keying and OCR, are reduced or eliminated.