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North Queensland Bulk Ports Corporation partners with Intelledox to create Australia’s first digital pilot passage plan with efficiency improvements of up to 80% recorded

  • The passage plan is a digital real-time application created on the Intelledox Platform
  • Intelledox integrates with other data sources to pre-populate passage plan
  • Operational efficiencies include time savings of over 80%
  • Mobile-friendly format provides pilots with real-time access to data

Brisbane, Thursday 19 July 2018: North Queensland Bulk Ports Corporation (NQBP) has implemented a digital pilot passage plan using the Intelledox Infiniti platform – the first port authority in Australia to do so.

A passage plan, which is required for each ship that arrives and departs port, helps pilots to manage on-board mooring operations. It contains information such as the ship dimensions, arrival times, license number, berth allocation, tidal information and real-time weather. The digitised version utilises an online form that makes it easier for pilots to capture and analyse data, and delivers several operational efficiencies.

Intelledox Infiniti seamlessly integrates with the scheduling tool provided by Maritime Safety Queensland (MSQ), which tracks the movements of all ships into Queensland ports. This allows NQBP pilots to pull relevant information from MSQ, and automatically pre-populate the online form.

The automated process removes reliance on data entry, saves pilots valuable time, eliminates the need for paper forms and reduces error rates.

“At NQBP, we oversee mooring operations for around 8 to 12 ships each day – and we need to complete a unique passage plan for each one. We take this passage plan on board each ship to go through procedures in detail with the captain,” says Marine Pilot Luca Orlandi.

“Previously, we had to log in to the MSQ database to look up the information we needed, and then manually enter data on paper forms to take aboard the ship, before transferring the data to an Excel spreadsheet when we returned to port. An 80% time saving and real-time data ingestion helps pilots focus on other important issues when entering and exiting ports.”

The mobile-friendly digital solution allows pilots to access and modify data in real-time, whenever they need to – including on board the ships.

“Plans can change very quickly when ships are due to arrive at port. If a ship is delayed, which often happens, then we need to update the records accordingly. When the process was paper-based we had to start afresh and fill out new forms. Now the passage plan is easy to update digitally.”

NQBP’s successful implementation of a digital passage plan paves the way for other ports to replicate and adapt the process in future.

NQBP has implemented a solution on the Intelledox platform which is unique in delivering safety and efficiency. The mobile-friendly forms are central to the solution and it’s exciting to see how NQBP have adopted a visionary approach and integrated multiple data services to achieve their outcomes, says Intelledox CEO Ray Kiley.

“The simplified process has facilitated ease of communication between all parties involved in mooring operations and aligns with NQBP’s focus on safety when moving ships in and out of port. The efficiencies delivered through implementing digital forms suggest there is significant potential for other port authorities to realise similar benefits in future,” says Intelledox CEO Ray Kiley.

Further details, contact Intelledox Head of Global Marketing, Monique Dorigo – +61 423 567 138

About Intelledox
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About NQBP
More than half of Queensland’s trade by tonnage passes through North Queensland Bulk Port Corporation’s four operating ports of Hay Point, Mackay, Abbot Point and Weipa. As a port authority, NQBP is responsible for strategic planning, business and infrastructure development, environmental management, security, safety and more within its ports.

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