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Intelledox upgrades digital analytics capability to deliver advanced customer insights

Digital software solutions provider Intelledox has enhanced its Infiniti platform to make it easier for organisations to understand the customer mindset during completion of online forms.

The platform’s analytics capability was upgraded in response to a growing demand for data-generated insights that can help organisations improve the experience for their customers.


  • Intelledox Infiniti software facilitates easy tracking of the customer journey during completion of digital forms
  • New dashboard presents a snapshot of performance metrics in ‘real time’
  • Data-generated insights enable organisations to streamline the experience and make immediate changes to improve their customer journey


The advanced software allows organisations to become more customer focused by understanding the way users interact with forms digitally. Infiniti can generate insights into the type of device that customers use to complete the forms (such as a mobile phone); the time they spend on particular questions; and the point at which they exit the process.


“The problem of abandoned forms is actually fairly common especially on a mobile device and can happen when the customer suddenly decides the process has become too hard. Perhaps they don’t have the required information to hand, or they don’t fully understand the question,” says Intelledox Co-Founder and Head of Innovation, Phillip Williamson. A large global insurance company estimates that 30% of applications are abandoned by the customer during the processing stage.  “That’s a lot of business left on the table” states Phillip.


He said, “Getting your customer experience perfected on a mobile device can increase complete rates significantly which can go straight to the bottom line.   Younger generations who have an increasing size of wallet will now often only transact on a mobile device.  Knowing what device is used by whom and when and how they behave can be the difference between wowing a customer or frustrating them.   Being able to respond instantly to these insights is even more valuable.”


“Historically, organisations would miss these opportunities to discover why people were abandoning their forms, because they didn’t have the technological capability to do so. Intelledox Infiniti can generate the required analytics to help our clients determine why, how and when people fail to complete online forms, and then apply these insights to streamline the user experience.”


The latest version of Intelledox Infiniti features a new dashboard interface that can present organisations with a graphical representation of their customer data. The dashboard can be tailored to the requirements of each client in real time.

According to Williamson, the importance of data analytics reflects a growing trend for organisations to invest in improving their customer value proposition. Data-generated insights enable organisations to make more accurate decisions in terms of the products and services they offer, increase their speed to market and drive profitability.


He said, “People are increasingly interacting with their service providers via digital channels, and this includes completing forms online. Customers have an expectation for streamlined and intuitive processes, so it’s important for businesses to get this right at the outset.”


“Intelledox Infiniti delivers a far superior experience from the end user perspective, and exemplifies how data and analytics can benefit both the business and the customer in a timely and straightforward fashion. It can change the form completion process from a laborious task to a positive experience, and in doing so help organisations to win and retain customers.”


For further information, contact Head of Global Marketing,

Intelledox Monique Dorigo  + 61 423 567 138

About Intelledox

The Intelledox platform is used by many of the world’s leading companies and government organizations to transform outdated forms and processes into intelligent, customer-centric experiences.  Through its easy-to-use and solution-ready platform organizations can implement adaptive digital journeys, from acquisition to on-boarding to service. With North American Headquarters located in Dallas Texas, Intelledox has offices in New York, Singapore, Sydney and Global Headquarters in Canberra Australia. More than 200 global customers and millions of users trust the Intelledox platform.

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