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Intelledox Unveils AI-Based Tool to Accelerate Digital Transformation of PDF Forms Libraries

New Technology Enables Enterprises to Speed Digital Forms-Driven Customer Interactions

Las Vegas ─ October 2, 2018 – Enterprise software provider Intelledox announced today Infiniti Accelerate, new AI-based technology that will help companies and government agencies speed up the cumbersome, time-consuming process of transforming their often sizeable libraries of static PDF and paper forms into adaptive digital and mobile journeys. The announcement coincided with sponsorship of the InsureTech Connect conference held in Las Vegas this week.

Enterprises globally are under pressure to eliminate paper and digitally transform customer and citizen interactions to stay competitive, grow and accelerate revenue, and reduce risk ─ all while driving efficiencies. Yet much of the data needed to drive transactions remains locked within offline forms that inhibit real-time responses to customers. Moving to digital and mobile often requires scarce and costly IT resources, slowing down the business.

Leveraging the latest in machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI), the new Intelledox Infiniti Accelerate module pulls in PDF forms, analyzes their data fields and structure, and then automatically recreates them in web- and mobile-optimized digital formats, with no need for IT programming. Eliminating the need for manual work, digital forms and associated workflows can be created up to 87 percent faster, accelerating time-to-market.

Built on Microsoft AI services and delivered on the Microsoft Azure cloud, Infiniti Accelerate uniquely helps organizations build these digital next-generation forms faster across a broad range of industry use cases, such as:

  • Banking: New account opening, loan origination, customer servicing
  • Insurance: New policy applications, enrollment and claims forms, provider onboarding
  • Government: Citizen applications and service requests
  • Education: Student applications, student servicing
  • Health: Pre-admissions processes, treatment plans, physician credentialing forms

“Our clients are rapidly transforming hundreds, even thousands, of PDF forms using Accelerate’s innovative methodology of fine-grained PDF analysis with movement to machine learning-based outputs,” said Clinton Brown, Head of Product Management for Intelledox. “Clients are further streamlining business processes by tying these guided, digital forms in the Intelledox Infiniti platform to additional workflows, conditions and information from core back-office systems, as well as producing on-demand customer communications. In addition, organizations can analyze data more easily to identify trends and optimize the customer experience.”

This approach aligns with industry analyst predictions regarding the future of document-based processes. Aragon Research noted in its 2018 Tech Spectrum for Workflow and Content Automation (WCA):

“[WCA] is combined with document generation and image parsing features to create a new, must-have set of tools that allows for the creation of, and harvesting data from, intelligent documents that seamlessly move between the enterprise and their customers.”

“The overwhelmingly positive feedback we have received from early adopters of Infiniti Accelerate validates our strategic focus of helping organizations move to digital faster while delivering more engaging experiences for their customers, employees and partners,” said Ray Kiley, CEO of Intelledox. “We’re excited to deliver this innovation to market leveraging the power of AI and Microsoft technology, leading the market toward the future of Workflow and Content Automation.”

Accelerate is generally available to all Intelledox Infiniti customers. For more information, visit intelledox.com.

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