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Intelledox and Storata Digital Solutions Help Healthcare Providers Enhance Patient Care & Experience

From patient data analytics to “smart hospitals,” digital transformation is completely changing the way healthcare is delivered. Technology is changing the core of healthcare services with advancements like surgical robots, wearable health monitors, and virtual doctors. However, what makes the complete system robust is how business processes in the sector transform from being manual to digital, eliminating the risk of errors resulting in enhanced patient experience.

As part of Australian Healthcare Week Expo, Intelledox solution partner Storata presented joint solutions that are revolutionizing how Australian healthcare providers operate. Together with Intelledox, Storata is taking paper-based processes such as patient forms, pathology results and other health services to a new level. The solutions do not just digitalize a process but rather offer healthcare providers an intelligent platform to accurately capture data and provide ongoing insight into patient’s health

As a Systems Integrator, Storata partners with ‘best of breed’ technology providers to deliver intrinsic client value as demonstrated at AHW2017. The recent CEWT project with Queensland Health is a fitting example of how both Intelledox and Storata are working towards changing the way patient care and experience is delivered in Australia and around the globe. The CEWT solution helps doctors identify any clinical deterioration in children, record vital signs and initiate immediate action to ensure appropriate and timely care.

Unlike paper forms where patient data is locked away, digital solutions from Intelledox & Storata help healthcare professional access patient data anytime, anywhere. Using the Data Analytics capability, doctors are able to monitor and analyze patient records to predict and prevent health-related events.

With an aging population, data is growing at an exponential rate and the need to maintain lifetime patient records is at an all-time high. By digitalizing business processes and making that data readily available to clinicians, we are delivering incredible workflow efficiency, whilst reducing errors and providing tremendous clinical insight to deliver an overwhelming patient experience, which historically simply was not possible.

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