Insurance Digital Transformation | Intelledox Infiniti Solution

Intelledox’s Insurance Software Solution streamlines the generation of customer-agent communications for personal, commercial and specialty lines.

Experience-driven workflow

With our experience-driven workflow engine, agents and brokers have powerful tools at their disposal to facilitate underwriting, approve claims and stay in touch with customers across their entire journey. In addition, insurance brokers get products to market faster, close more sales and cut operational costs.


Benefits Include

Reduce time to complete new business applications by 60-75%

Reduce time to produce statements of advice from 7 hours to just 40 minutes

Reduce incomplete and NIGO (Not In Good Order) forms from 35% to less than 2%

Enable customer self-service across devices

Eliminate the need to re-key data or scan forms

Reduce support calls by as much as 55%


Online interactions are up to 20 times less expensive than phone calls, 30 times less expensive than regular mail, and 50 times less expensive than face-to-face meetings. GOV.UK Digital Efficiency Report