Digital Transformation Software for Insurance

Intelledox Insurance software helps you empathize with your digital savvy clients so you can give them what they need when and how they want it.  Solutions that will drive revenue for personal, commercial and specialty lines.

Fundamentally change the way you approach everyday customer engagement, reducing friction and risk while accelerating time to market for new products.

Insurance Software to Increase top line revenue and lower NIGO rates

Reduce your reliance on your IT department or expensive and hard to source development resources to make your adaptive customer journey come to life. Using an agile, no code approach you can build a flawless digital journey section by section and still link to your back end systems.    Connect to your CRM, ECM, BPM, line of business systems, e-signature and back-end finance and HR systems.   AMP saw a reduction from one week to one day to build and launch a new form and process across its financial business arm. Read more…

For the insurance industry the threat of disruptors is widely discussed. Be proactive and use Infiniti as a fast and easy way to test new products and processes. Reduce product development life cycles significantly allowing you to be nimble and agile. Define new product and service models, the business rules, work flow and on demand customer communications to quickly deliver what digital natives are demanding.

Improve customer and agent loyalty and attract digital natives

Choose Intelledox IconGive your agents and  policy holders what they want and get your fundamentals right with our Insurance Software solutions.  Allow them to view and update their accounts and policies from any device and give them the tools to self-serve anywhere, any time.

Deliver omni-channel on-boarding, quote and claim management journeys that are personal and frictionless which will increase conversion rates, shorten sales cycles, and reduce inefficient back office tasks.  The moment of truth when a claim is submitted can often retain a client for life or lose them forever.  Use the Infiniti Insurance software platform to incorporate all elements of creating a frictionless experience for claimants helping you deliver on your brand promise.  Contextual and fit-for-purpose processes can be implemented without any IT development resources. The low-code solutions platform empowers the business unit to delivery dynamic forms based on product and process to reduce cost, drive efficiencies and reduce risk.

When acquiring new clients give them frictionless origination and digital sales process. Reduce the abandonment rate of forms by using Infiniti’s next-generation forms which may not be a form at all. Read our ebook on Forms Friction.

Reduce your paper trail and move to full straight through processing.  Use smartphones to capture paper documents, drivers licence and submit claims. Leverage OCR to pre-fill forms and use any of our many Quick Connectors to call back-end systems of record to validate data or present data and close off by linking to DocuSign and other digital signature technologies.

Reduce costs, speed time-to-market, and increase efficiencies while staying relevant

Fast Deployment IconAnyone can cut costs but savvy businesses cut costs in ways that does not harm long term growth and opportunity.  Intelledox Infiniti not only drives cost reduction but also increases staff engagement by eliminating repetitive and boring tasks.

Do you want to realise some of these benefits in your insurance business today:

  • Reduce time to complete new business applications by 60-75%
  • Reduce time to produce statements of advice from 7 hours to just 40 minutes
  • Reduce incomplete and NIGO (Not In Good Order) forms from 35% to less than 2%
  • Eliminate the need to re-key data or scan forms with real time back end integration
  • Use Infiniti Analytics insights and reduce support calls by as much as 55%
  • Use smartphones to capture and scan documents saving significant customer frustration
  • Leverage optical character recognition (OCR) to pre-fill forms
  • Create the document and integrate with best of breed digital signature technology such as DocuSign

The Infiniti mobility solution reduced the time to generate reports from four weeks to a staggering two days.

“The whole process is so much quicker now, Our inspectors don’t need to worry about doing the administration side of the job. They just concentrate on completing the job.” Jonathan Cook, Information Technology Manager, AON



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