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The healthcare sector is going through significant transformation, driven by medical advances, a focus on value-based care, shifts to preventative options, and the need for greater revenue and cost control. At the same time, the healthcare industry remains fragmented with hundreds of medical providers, insurers, clinics, hospitals, medical device manufacturers, pharmaceuticals  and third parties.

Patients have never had more treatment choices. If you want to be their go-to provider, your healthcare business needs to provide seamless, mobile-friendly, automated digital patient interactions. That matters whether you’re a large hospital, a specialized clinic, a family doctor, insurance company, pharma or any other type of healthcare provider.

Intelledox provides transformative healthcare interactions that help you connect with your patients or patient's health providers in a secure, trusted, and focused way. We’ll help you collect patient information and replace cumbersome paper and PDF forms. We’ll link up your information gathering with patient medical records and back office systems. We’ll provide digital solutions for patient self-service, care plans, and reporting.

FOCUS YOUR DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION ON MODERNIZING how you engage with doctors, health care providers, device manufacturers and patients

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Modern healthcare consumers live in a world of increasing digital, mobile and on-demand delivery. Digitally empowered patients mean healthcare providers, both public and private need to provide a superior patient experience.

Healthcare Customer Journey Diagram
  • Collect important information - Gather a patient’s medical details faster using guided interviews for each procedure, and populate forms through connecting with core systems like medical records, diagnostic test results, and other back-office healthcare databases and software
  • Update all your healthcare systems - Automatically populate medical records and other important healthcare information with details directly from the patient to allow for easier verification and review
  • Tailor patient interactions for various devices - Patients can provide medical information from any device, pause and resume information gathering, and provide the most relevant, timely details
  • Meet regulatory requirements -  Incorporate security and confidentiality to stay compliant with health regulation and confidentiality guidelines
  • Get timely medical information -When a patient undergoes a procedure, their latest healthcare information is shared across relevant systems and people, including doctors, surgeons, specialists, and nurses thus making the sharing and communication process more efficient and faster with better patient outcomes.
  • Speed up patient preparation time - The time taken to prepare patients is drastically reduced as there’s less need to follow paper trails or cross-check details. Data input can trigger automated work-flow processes to minimise risk and deliver a better patient outcome.
  • Reduce risk for the patient - The automatic routing of relevant medical information means that medical providers can easily access complete and up-to-date records. The patient doesn't need to manage the entire document flow which improves compliance and minimizes risk.
  • Offer better continuity of care -  Doctors and other healthcare providers can automatically update forms and then distribute information and the need for follow-ups and medications to nurses, pharmacies, and other medical functions.
  • Share accessible aftercare and treatment plans - Patients can access their treatment plans in a secure way and medical providers can be prompted to follow up with the patient as needed.
  • Provide easier readmission - All systems are updated with patient information which can be pre-populated for future interactions, making it much faster and easier if they need to be re-admitted with easy access to history.
  • Allow patient self-service - Patients can easily contact healthcare providers, offer information to an automated assistant, and then get routed to the right specialist with any questions.

Used by the healthcare industry worldwide

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Hospitals, Clinics and HealthCare Providers

Streamline patient acquisition and admissions by collecting general and specialist medical information, populating healthcare systems, and sharing with doctors and other healthcare staff.

  • Understand patient medical needs through procedure-focussed, friendly, guided interviews
  • Integrate with medical records and diagnostics for a complete picture of a patient's medical history and needs
  • Reduce fixed costs and operational expenses through automated, streamlined workflows and medical information sharing
  • Follow up with patients on treatment for true continuity of care
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Government Departments, Agencies and Employers

  • Lower costs of health insurance administration through linking employee records to insurers and healthcare providers
  • Implement medical and drug testing in an efficient and repeatable way, including consent, testing, approvals, and results
  • Deliver test results quickly and securely

Healthcare Regulatory Bodies, Training, and Qualifications

  • Speed up healthcare provider certification through an integrated registration and validation process
  • Link training and qualification needs with employee records to ensure medical professionals are licensed and trained properly
  • Authorize individuals and provide the relevant certifications and provider credentials

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