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Frictionless Experiences Across All Citizen Touchpoints From Applications, Licensing, Certification, and Information

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In a world of constant innovation, government agencies  have competing priorities and are among the last to adapt to change. If you want to build citizen trust while maintaining tight cost controls, your government department needs to deliver seamless, mobile-friendly, and automated digital interactions.

Whether you’re a local, state or federal government department or agency, Intelledox can help you transform paper and PDF forms, manual processes, and batch document generation into engaging, modern and seamless experiences.

Learn how Intelledox can help you automate licensing, applications, accreditation, certification and respond to citizen queries faster and more painlessly than ever before. Empower your citizens to be proactive, connected and collaborative. Give them the tools to contribute and build a community you are proud of.

FOCUS YOUR DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION ON MODERNIZING how you engage with your constituents

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Drive citizen trust by improving the digital   experience

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Reduce costs on manual processes and liberate your budgets

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Rapidly put legislation into action increasing citizen satisfaction

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Empower staff & citizens to collaborate & create better communities

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The Intelledox platform provides a fast, easy, reliable way for any local, state or federal government department or agency to collect, confirm, share and communicate citizen information – at the speed of digital.

Government customer journey
  • Reduce friction - Gather data and information to process licenses, permits and applications using guided interviews connected with core systems and e-signature tools
  • Device flexibility - Tailor interactions to device type and usage scenario – so customers can apply for any service, anywhere, 24/7
  • Data prefill - Incorporate third-party data, other department or agency data, photos and location information in any transaction
  • Agent support - Empower your staff to leverage digital and initiate or complete any application form in real time
  • Citizen convenience - Eliminate tedious paper and PDF forms. Enable on-demand confirmations and other communications
  • Multichannel support - Enable citizens to initiate and pause enrollment processes across all of their devices for ultimate convenience
  • Build trust - Show your constituents that government can be as efficient as the private sector and can deliver exceptional service that saves both citizens time and government wasted resources.
  • Customer-self service - Reduce call center and face to face staff costs with 24/7 digital and mobile-friendly interactions
  • Personalized CX - Enable customers to simply confirm known information from backend systems, instead of rekeying, leading to improved data accuracy and superior customer experience
  • Multichannel communications - engage across email, virtual assistants, social media and more, with interactions optimized for every platform

Trusted by National and Regional Government Agencies



Citizens are required to complete forms for many situations, from simply registering a pet to applying for tree removal, registering a road hazard, or applying for more complex development projects.

Imagine making the process of filling out those forms and applications painless

  • Deliver intuitive, seamless and engaging digital experiences to all generations under your care
  • Utilize and redeploy costly channels to deal with the more complex issues and deliver higher value outcomes
  • Reduce error rates and reprocessing costs, improve data integrity and accelerate turnaround time
  • Cut call center and other administrative costs




Ensure your legislation and policies are adopted in a timely and efficient manner.

Build and foster trust with all stakeholders by transforming the way you operate:

  • Redesign process and procedures and eliminate inefficiencies and redundancies
  • Respond to citizen’s claims and applications faster, giving people maximum visibility of their status and remaining compliant
  • Connect with core back-office systems, like SharePoint and HP TRIM to personalize transactions and reduce manual work
  • Improve staff engagement by reducing bottlenecks and repetitive tasks. Redeploy staff performing higher value tasks




Deploy rapid transformation without disruption across Federal Departments is possible.

Reduce the complexity of cross-administration processes and citizen-facing engagement by deploying a government compliant platform:

  • Speed up implementation of processes even for the most complex citizen needs
  • Streamline compliance with regulations through digitally guided interviews
  • Connect with core systems to create bespoke communications on demand
  • Enable citizen self-service across any digital channel


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