Digital Transformation of Financial Services

The Intelledox Infiniti platform streamlines financial process automation for a wow customer experience across banking and financial services

Accelerate your Financial Process Automation

The financial services industry is experiencing unprecedented change. As the FinTech sector disrupts the market, traditional firms must respond quickly with digital experiences that cater to increased customer demand for simplicity, mobility and convenience. Using paper and electronic forms is yesterday’s approach. Financial process automation is the answer whether you are one of the largest global banks or a smaller regional credit union.  Move to the Intelledox Infiniti platform today to create truly modern customer experiences that will speed your  customer acquisition and drive revenue,  reduce your cost structure and improve your customer experience to a level that clients demand as well as increase compliance.


Benefits Include

Reduce time to complete new business applications by 60-75%

Reduce time to produce statements of advice from 7 hours to just 40 minutes

Reduce incomplete and NIGO (Not In Good Order)  forms from 35% to less than 2%

Reduce development time of new digital applications by more than 75%

Eliminate the need to re-key data or scan forms

Reduce support calls by as much as 55%

41% of revenue will come from digital business by 2020 — Gartner, 2016, Create an Industry Vision for Digital Business
The time spent on support to Advisers has been significantly reduced. — Gayle Kennedy, Advice & Development Manager, AXA (AMP)



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