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To deliver the best education, your institution needs to transform and adapt to a digital-first mentality.

From preschool to higher education Intelledox can help you replace paper and PDF forms and batch document generation system with an innovative, modern approach that will wow your students and teachers and deliver new efficiencies.

Learn how Intelledox can help you automate and streamline your enrollments, student and parent communications, teacher and admin processes.

FOCUS YOUR DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION ON MODERNIZING how you engage with students, staff and parents

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Reimagine the digital student and teacher experience and delight them with a multi channel strategy that they now expect

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Improve student safety and care, having up-to-date information available 24/7


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Drive new operational and cost efficiencies never conceived before



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Streamline strict regulatory compliance and forms, making documentation more convenient for staff


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An Education Platform that drives efficiency and compliance, reduces workloads, improves communication and collaboration and facilitates improved teaching practices

Removing teaching pain points such as manual forms processes frees up teachers and assistants to provide more teaching time, less paperwork, and quick access to accurate and timely data.   Learn where Intelledox can assist your educational institution.

Education Solutions
  • Reduce friction - Gather data and information to process enrolments, staff onboarding and all forms of parental communication using guided interviews connected with core systems and e-signature tools
  • Device flexibility - Tailor interactions to device type and usage scenario – so parents and students can submit data, anywhere, 24/7
  • Data prefill - Incorporate third-party data, other department data, photos and location information in any interaction
  • Teacher/Professor convenience -Eliminate tedious and unnecessary email chains and follow up communications, but automating the direct process through the approval line, no matter how many departments it needs to go through
  • Multi-channel support - Access these documents and data on any device at any time.
  • Remove delays and admin costs - You will no longer need to chase people up face-to-face to get an update, simply check the process to see who the document or approval is with
  • Parent self service - Reduce parent calls and face to face visits with 24/7 digital and mobile-friendly interactions for updating student information
  • Improved compliance - Significantly increase compliance and risk management through digitizing processes and procedures
  • Integrate with core systems - Intelledox integrates with core education systems such as MAIZE, Peoplesoft, Salesforce, Office 365 and many more

Used by education providers worldwide


Primary Education

Continual budget cuts mean that all levels of education need to find efficient solutions to provide superior education as well as deliver exceptional service to students and families.

A number of schools have realized significant benefits by streamlining and digitizing forms, some of these include:

  • Student Enrolments
  • Excursion and Extra Curriculum Management
  • Parent Communication
  • Staff Onboarding
  • Policy Management

Secondary Education

Imagine a world in schools where the only friction that exists is in a staged drama performance.

Intelledox can provide a holistic approach so that schools can:

  • Minimize the time wasted on non-productive administration tasks
  • Implement a paperless environment
  • Adhere to departmental compliance effectively and efficiently
  • Reduce risks for schools
  • Create an environment where teachers, parents and administrators work cohesively as a team to educate students

Tertiary Education

Taking education to a higher level with streamlined, more efficient processes Intelledox understands the need for colleges and universities to continually deliver superior education to its students.

Colleges and Universities have seen significant benefits by automating these processes:

  • Facility management
  • Travel Approvals
  • Researcher and visitor management
  • Performance and development reviews
  • Course Management

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