Public Sector Digital Transformation

Your Digital Government Strategy needs to have citizens in mind. Improve constituent communications for better service and greater accountability and save costs as your processes become more efficient and streamlined.

Rapid transformation without disruption

Depsite fully grasping the critical need to digitally transform, many government leaders believe that making the shift is a daunting task. Intelledox understands the need for fast, efficient and non-disruptive deployment. The Infiniti platform connects with existing systems (such as SharePoint and HP TRIM), eliminates the need for additional infrastructure and training, and can be up and running in 30 days or less. Infinti is compliant with government digital transition policies and security and privacy guidelines.


Benefits Include

Improve communication with constituents

Reduce administrative burdens and compliance risk

Boost operational efficiency

Increase policy compliance and adoption

Online interactions are up to 20 times less expensive than phone calls, 30 times less expensive than regular mail, and 50 times less expensive than face-to-face meetings — GOV.UK Digital Efficiency Report
The positive returns from the Intelledox implementation have extended from rapid and accurate document generation to overall business and staff efficiency. — New Zealand Transport Authority
Infiniti is an affordable, contemporary enterprise-class solution that has delivered significant productivity benefits through automation of legislated business processes. — Gary Leifheit, CIO, Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development


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