Solutions for Digital Transformation in Education K-12 and Tertiary

The Intelledox Infiniti Education Solutions transform administrative processes for greater efficiency and cost savings as well as improved staff, student and parent engagement.

It’s time to develop campus-wide digital administrative processes


Since 2014, ANU has transformed key targeted processes. In July 2016, Third Horizon, an independent analyst, estimated the net benefit of ANU’s transformation efforts to date at $6.1 million over the next seven years.

The Intelledox Digital Transformation Centre at Australian National University (ANU) continues to prove how valuable the digital transformation and automation of administrative processes can be. ANU has identified 170 processes that can benefit from standardization and improved data quality and reporting.

If your college or university has fragmented processes with complex approvals, high form volumes, significant data entry and documentation, and variable data quality, especially as it relates to reporting, then you can definitely benefit from context aware digital experiences that automatically retrieve user details, roles, supervisors, parental approvals, health records, and, where appropriate, financial and budget codes. You and your end-users benefit from digital transformation, because these processes are highly accessible and straightforward at the user level and reportable at the institutional level.


Here are just a few examples of the benefits your academic institution obtain from using the Infiniti platform:


Student and Parental Services

With on-demand customer communications, students and parents can see the progress of requests and better understand what’s happening, which minimizes frustration and improves customer satisfaction. Schools reduce their risks and increase compliance associated with enrolments, subject selection and extra curriculum activities while saving time and money.


Maximizing the effectiveness of teaching staff

Centralized data management enables more sophisticated and timely reporting and analysis. You better understand your staff and its needs, for both compliance/governance reporting, continuous improvement and development.


Travel and Excursion Approvals

With better data, realize significant savings by moving from per diems to actual expenses. By mandating suppliers through the digital process, generate savings of 10 percent or more across your travel budget.

In truth, people just don’t like filling in paper forms anymore; they prefer to do these things by email, or online. The new solution’s revised workflows dictate that any new information is clearly documented and understood by everyone in a timely manner. Also, new conversations are happening between parents and staff. It’s a big success. Sally Gates, Operations Manager, Canberra Grammar School



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