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Transforming complex processes and outdated forms into intuitive customer experiences.

Today’s customers don’t just prefer intuitive digital processes, they expect and demand them. Our world-leading cloud based platform helps governments and enterprises around the globe transform outdated forms and complex processes into intuitive customer experiences, delivering the engagement consumers have come to expect.

Better customer engagement drives revenue, lowers costs, improves compliance, and reduces risk

Our next generation forms, in-built workflow, and on-demand communications on our low-code cloud platform that connects to any system of record not only delivers more customers ready to transact, they streamline internal systems, manage risk and reduce demand for support services.

Engage, Connect, Collaborate, Transact

The solution-ready Intelledox Platform is fast, efficient and low-code, so you can get up and running fast. Why waste any more time before delivering a seamless digital customer experience?

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Engage Customers

Intelledox Infiniti lets you to create engaging and adaptive experiences that guide customers seamlessly through complex forms and deliver personalized communications across any digital channel.

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Get Started Fast

Web-based, drag-and-drop tools make it simple to create digital experiences; built-in intelligence helps new systems connect to existing ones and authenticate data with low or no involvement from your IT department.

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Simplify Processes

The digitization of complex manual processes not only improves customer experience, it saves time, removes outdated, low value processes and frees up internal resources that immediately benefits the bottom line.

“Unparalleled customer service is at the heart of everything we do. We want to deliver a superior service and make it easy for people to interact with our brand. Intelledox Infiniti scalable platform will help us improve our customer service as we continue to grow and help provide our insurers with an enhanced experience.”

–Tom Koenig, Vice President IT / COPIC Insurance

Some of our customers and partners

next-generation forms

The days of static forms are coming to an end. The future is a world where applications, contracts, claims and other documents are completed in a fraction of the time through intuitive digital conversations. Intelledox is at the forefront of this revolution.


  • Built-in connectors create links to current data sources
  • User-inputs combine with existing data to create intuitive conversations
  • You don’t need IT to use our low-code, solution- ready platform
  • Manual processes, like re-keying and OCR, are reduced or eliminated
  • Customers can use any digital device, save work and return to it later
  • Information gathering can be fully automated
  • Customer inputs can trigger automated process workflows
  • You create a faster, simpler, and more engaging customer experience

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Responding quickly and efficiently to customer inquiries can be the difference between signing or losing a customer. Intelledox Infiniti’s unique experience-driven workflow systems are designed to integrate with core and existing systems and streamline the user experience. The workflow component is integral to the platform and makes the digitization process smart, intuitive and effective.


  • Automation streamlines both accreditation, acquisition, onboarding and customer service
  • Faster turn-around for proposals, presentations, contracts, and more
  • Eliminate errors caused by out-of-date content
  • Operational efficiencies from reducing manual work
  • Higher completion rates through automatic routing and approvals
  • Enables user-directed business rules with no coding
  • Fewer document errors
  • Reduce frustration by re-using previously supplied content and customer details

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On-Demand Customer Communication and Doc Generation

Intelledox Infiniti’s drag-and-drop features make it simple to build document automation capabilities and create communication templates. Use any of your Microsoft Office or PDF files to automate the creation and delivery of personalized customer communications – in real-time, across all digital channels.


  • Multi-format, multi-channel, multi-lingual
  • Reporting and rules engine
  • Workflow and business mapping
  • Drag-and-drop form generation with seamless integration
  • Generate and deliver personalized communications in real-time to any device
  • Protect brand integrity by reducing risk of document errors
  • Centrally manage content blocks and identify most-used content
  • Archive and process communications through core systems such as ECM, BPM, CRM, ERP, etc

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Digital leaders trust Intelledox

Many industries are now so competitive that customers will walk away after a single bad interaction. Having intuitive, efficient, and engaging customer experience is fast becoming the key predictor of commercial success and profitability. More than 250 enterprise level organizations and government departments and millions of individual users around the world now trust Intelledox to help put customers first and drive digital engagement.

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