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Businesses and governments are in a race against the clock to meet and exceed the demands of experience driven, convenience seeking customers.

Digital technology, social, mobile and the high usage of online channels have changed how customers access, interact, respond to, and engage with your business. Time is not a luxury, it’s a threat. You need business results now. Read our eBooks to find out how.

7 Ways Your CCM Solution Fails: How to Rethink Documents and Customer Communications in an On-Demand, Want-It-Now Digital World

Customer communications management (CCM) tools and strategies are evolving from a focus on static, printed output and a unidirectional, broadcast model, to a more dynamic, interactive model in which communications are delivered on-demand via multiple channels. Gartner, Three Steps to Enrich the Customer Experience with Contextualized Communications.

    5 Ways Your Forms Are Killing Customer Engagement & Hurting Your Bottom Line

    What if the “form” of the future isn’t a form at all? Support your digital transformation strategy and attract customers by rethinking how you collect and process information. Intelledox

      Rapid Digital Transformation in the Customer-Focused Enterprise

      "In the battle for business, best in class customer experience wins. Data-driven, adaptive engagement is your most powerful advantage." Intelledox.