Intelledox Infiniti Demos

Intelledox Infiniti is designed to be an interactive and adaptive experience.

These demonstrations showcase how Infiniti works in practice. For more information on how to bring your adaptive experience challenge to life, contact one of our specialists.

Life Insurance Application

Our life insurance demonstration will allow you to collect all the information needed to generate a quote, submit an application, make a payment and generate the overall cover document, which can be digitally signed. The demo lets you experience how Intelledox Infiniti enhances your customer’s lifecycle experience, while your company achieves organizational efficiencies.

Open New Account

The new account opening demonstration shows how you can reduce your customer abandon rate. Don’t waste marketing investment on poor engagement when it really matters. While this demonstrates a bank account opening example, the same platform can be utilized by any industry that requires collection of data from a customer.

Recruitment request

The recruitment request form has been designed to showcase the ability to generate a letter of offer including contract clauses and a welcome pack.
This form highlights an adaptive interview process prompting the user with only the relevant questions based on answers selected in the form. It also implements a governance process using workflow to route the form data across the relevant stakeholders within the company.
It demonstrates how data quality and accuracy can be improved through validation and online third-party web services, culminating in the generation of a letter of offer document and attachments and delivering it via email to the candidate functions.

Request to amend result

This short demonstration will show you how Intelledox Infiniti’s next-generation forms can make business process changes not only easy to implement but very user-friendly, so the experience will be positive and engaging. While this is an example of a student amending preferences, this application can be used by any industry where there is a need to capture data and information, and automate processes.