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Intelledox upgrades digital analytics capability to deliver advanced customer insights


Digital software solutions provider Intelledox has enhanced its Infiniti platform to make it easier for organisations to understand the customer mindset during completion of online forms.

The platform’s analytics capability was upgraded in response to a growing demand for data-generated insights that can help organisations improve the experience for their customers.


  • Intelledox Infiniti software facilitates easy tracking of the customer journey during completion of digital forms
  • New dashboard presents a snapshot of performance metrics in ‘real time’
  • Data-generated insights enable organisations to streamline the experience and make immediate changes to improve their customer journey


The advanced software allows organisations to become more customer focused by understanding the way users interact with forms digitally. Infiniti can generate insights into the type of device that customers use to complete the forms (such as a mobile phone); the time they spend on particular questions; and the point at which they exit the process.


“The problem of abandoned forms is actually fairly common especially on a mobile device and can happen when the customer suddenly decides the process has become too hard. Perhaps they don’t have the required information to hand, or they don’t fully understand the question,” says Intelledox Co-Founder and Head of Innovation, Phillip Williamson. A large global insurance company estimates that 30% of applications are abandoned by the customer during the processing stage.  “That’s a lot of business left on the table” states Phillip.


He said, “Getting your customer experience perfected on a mobile device can increase complete rates significantly which can go straight to the bottom line.   Younger generations who have an increasing size of wallet will now often only transact on a mobile device.  Knowing what device is used by whom and when and how they behave can be the difference between wowing a customer or frustrating them.   Being able to respond instantly to these insights is even more valuable.”


“Historically, organisations would miss these opportunities to discover why people were abandoning their forms, because they didn’t have the technological capability to do so. Intelledox Infiniti can generate the required analytics to help our clients determine why, how and when people fail to complete online forms, and then apply these insights to streamline the user experience.”


The latest version of Intelledox Infiniti features a new dashboard interface that can present organisations with a graphical representation of their customer data. The dashboard can be tailored to the requirements of each client in real time.

According to Williamson, the importance of data analytics reflects a growing trend for organisations to invest in improving their customer value proposition. Data-generated insights enable organisations to make more accurate decisions in terms of the products and services they offer, increase their speed to market and drive profitability.


He said, “People are increasingly interacting with their service providers via digital channels, and this includes completing forms online. Customers have an expectation for streamlined and intuitive processes, so it’s important for businesses to get this right at the outset.”


“Intelledox Infiniti delivers a far superior experience from the end user perspective, and exemplifies how data and analytics can benefit both the business and the customer in a timely and straightforward fashion. It can change the form completion process from a laborious task to a positive experience, and in doing so help organisations to win and retain customers.”


For further information, contact Head of Global Marketing,

Intelledox Monique Dorigo  + 61 423 567 138

About Intelledox

The Intelledox platform is used by many of the world’s leading companies and government organizations to transform outdated forms and processes into intelligent, customer-centric experiences.  Through its easy-to-use and solution-ready platform organizations can implement adaptive digital journeys, from acquisition to on-boarding to service. With North American Headquarters located in Dallas Texas, Intelledox has offices in New York, Singapore, Sydney and Global Headquarters in Canberra Australia. More than 200 global customers and millions of users trust the Intelledox platform.

Intelledox Joins the Symitar Vendor Integration Program


VIP enables Intelledox to connect with Symitar’s Episys platform, enabling credit unions to transform digital account opening and service processes

DALLAS – April 30, 2018 Intelledox, a global software provider focused on transforming forms-driven business processes, today announced that it has joined the Symitar® Vendor Integration Program (VIP).

Participation in the program will provide Intelledox with access to Symitar’s technical resources to enable its Infiniti platform to integrate with Episys. The Vendor Integration Program is designed to help ensure that Symitar’s customers can easily deploy third-party products.

Intelledox Infiniti now integrates with Episys via SymXchange™, a services-based programming interface that enables third-party vendors and credit unions to access the platform’s core data and business rules. The integrity of data is maintained throughout any data exchange, because access to business rules and data is managed through a service layer, which governs these interactions. (Read more on our blog.)

The Intelledox Infiniti platform enables banks, credit unions and other enterprises to rapidly deliver a 100% digital customer experience across acquisition, onboarding and service processes. Paper or static web forms can be replaced by adaptive interviews – delivered via web or mobile device – using the data in Episys.

Then based on new and existing data, Intelledox can dynamically create personalized documents or other communications on demand in real time. When connecting Intelledox with e-signature solutions, credit unions can deliver a seamless digital interaction from end to end. This not only saves both the credit union and its members time and money, but improves data integrity and reduces the likelihood of abandoned processes, which can affect revenue.

“Consumers are busy and want to manage their finances when and where they choose,” said Rodney Frye, president of Intelledox North America. “Automating the forms process is a perfect example of enhancing the customer value proposition in the digital age. By applying a digital solution, credit unions are able to meet the needs of their members and solidify their acquisition and retention strategies.”

This includes offering innovative services such as “skip-a-pay,” where members can apply online to postpone a payment on a loan. “Enabling members to apply for skip payment using a one-step digital process goes a long way toward delivering the seamless integrated experience that members value,” Frye said.

Intelledox Infiniti requires no coding, which makes it ideal for credit unions and regional financial institutions that lack major IT infrastructure or technical support. “By becoming part of Symitar’s Vendor Integration Program, Intelledox Infiniti can provide more credit unions with a strong foundation for delivering an exceptional customer experience now and in the future,” Frye added.

Symitar’s VIP takes the customer out of the middle, providing vendors with direct access to Symitar’s technical resources and test systems. VIP inclusion is not an endorsement of the vendor’s product.

To see a demonstration of the Intelledox-Symitar integration, join our webinar on May 10: Symitar & Forms Transformation. Learn more and register.

Media Contact US: Karen Oakland (888) 576 6428 ext. 700

Media Contact AU: Monique Dorigo – 0423 567 138

About Symitar

Symitar®, a division of Jack Henry & Associates, Inc. (NASDAQ:JKHY), is a provider of integrated computer systems for credit unions of all sizes. Symitar has been selected as the primary technology partner by more than 800 credit unions, serving as a single source for integrated, enterprise-wide automation and as a single point of contact and support. Additional information about Symitar is available at

About Jack Henry & Associates, Inc.

Jack Henry & Associates, Inc.® (NASDAQ: JKHY) is a leading provider of technology solutions and payment processing services primarily for the financial services industry. Its solutions serve approximately 9,000 customers nationwide, and are marketed and supported through three primary brands. Jack Henry Banking® supports banks ranging from community banks to multi-billion dollar institutions with information processing solutions. Symitar® is a leading provider of information processing solutions for credit unions of all sizes. ProfitStars® provides highly specialized products and services that enable financial institutions of every asset size and charter, and diverse corporate entities to mitigate and control risks, optimize revenue and growth opportunities, and contain costs. Additional information is available at

Wannon Water partners with Intelledox and Technology Provider, FYB to reap the benefits of improving safety and drive significant efficiency across the entire organisation

  • Introduced next-generation forms to redefine safety and communication processes and removes the need for paper-based forms
  • Direct quantifiable benefits include improved efficiency, safety and compliance
  • New data analytics enables further business optimisation

Victorian service provider Wannon Water has partnered with Intelledox and FYB, technology and systems provider to implement next-generation forms and set new standards for best practice across the industry.

The upgraded digital process replaces a cumbersome paper-based approach to improve efficiency, safety and compliance by:


  • Making it faster and easier for employees to complete forms via their smartphone or tablet.
  • Eliminating the need for off-site employees to carry reams of paper, as well as the associated risks of misplaced or forgotten forms.
  • Incorporating a smart algorithm that automatically re-directs users to the relevant sections of the form to deliver a streamlined customer experience.
  • Introducing an automated workflow, thus ensuring forms are captured directed into their records management system. Online completion removes the need to scan and email documents, and manually manage the process. This has led to redeploying people to other higher value programs within the business.
  • Using a standardised pick-list, which makes it easier to capture activities performed and analyse the data post-submission. The simple layout, clear instructions and standardised wording have also helped to improve the quality of information entered.

Completion of a Job Safety Analysis (JSA), required before any high risk on-site work event, was the catalyst for organisational change. Following a successful pilot, the digital process has been extended to incorporate all forms across the business.

“Safety and compliance are huge priorities at Wannon Water, and we identified an opportunity to streamline our processes in a way that also delivers on these commitments,” says Wannon Water GIS & Digital Workplace Manager, Chris Crossland.

“All employees who carry out works such as fixing pipes or digging holes need to complete a JSA to record safety hazards and mitigate risks; the cost of this being carried out incorrectly could have serious consequences. Our previous paper-based approach was lengthy and arduous, and could see each worker needing to complete multiple forms depending on the nature of the job.”

“Since introducing e-forms, we’ve seen a marked increase in the number of forms submitted as well as improvements around the quality of information provided. The digital process allows us to access ‘live’ information when required, and this is particularly important if we need to assess risks as they happen. A smart algorithm has enabled 11 paper forms to effectively become one online – and when you consider we record around 300 JSA a month, this is a significant improvement.”

Data analytics has also presented opportunities for Wannon Water to improve safety and quality training.

“Capturing data digitally has enabled us to understand where we need to focus our attention in terms of safety. We can track the most common hazards, and adapt the frequency and content of our training programs to suit. “

“We’ve also been able to highlight forms that have been completed to ‘best practice’ standard and use these to set new benchmarks across the business. All in all, employees have a better understanding of the importance of a JSA and how they need to complete one. This has helped to enhance our safety culture across the business and that is an incredibly important outcome for us.”

Business analysts FYB supported the planning and implementation at Wannon Water over a six-month period, and designed the processes prior to their digitisation by Intelledox.

“Wannon Water exemplifies industry best practice by leveraging data analytics to continually improve operations,” says Intelledox CEO Ray Kiley. “Introducing next-generation forms to JSA  has delivered value beyond efficiencies by enabling Wannon Water to better uphold safety and compliance in the workplace and set a new benchmark for the industry.”

For further details, contact Intelledox Head of Global Marketing, Monique Dorigo – 0423 567 138

About Intelledox

The Intelledox platform is used by many of the world’s leading companies and government organisations to transform outdated forms and processes into intelligent, customer-centric experiences.  Through its easy-to-use and solution-ready platform organizations can implement adaptive digital journeys, from acquisition to on-boarding to service. With North American Headquarters located in Dallas Texas, Intelledox has offices in New York, Singapore, Sydney and Global Headquarters in Canberra Australia. More than 200 global customers and millions of users trust the Intelledox Infiniti platform.

About Wannon Water

Wannon Water is Australia’s second largest regional urban water corporation. It provides water and sewerage services to residential, commercial and industrial customers across the state. As part of a wider focus on organizational efficiency, Wannon Water sought to improve the way it collected and leveraged internal data by overhauling its paper-based forms and the associated manual workflow process. This also provided an opportunity for Wannon Water to redefine organisational best practice in terms of safety, compliance and efficiency.

About FYB

Delivering the best Information Governance, Systems and Solutions to our customers. At FYB our customer promise is to provide secure, easy to use, leading edge technological solutions, to enable organisations to harness the power of their information so they can provide excellent services to the community.

We’ve stayed true to our core beliefs—to deliver the best information governance, systems and solutions to our customers. We owe a huge thanks to our customers for joining us on this awesome journey, and we hope that they will continue to be part of our story.

ANU and Intelledox Announce Strategic Agreement to Commercialise Locally Built Pre-Travel Approval Process for organisations globally



  • Leading Travel Approval Process to be marketed globally to deliver fast, easy and significant cost savings and efficiencies to both private and public sectors
  • ANU to use funding from the commercialised solution to further enhance efficiencies and effectiveness across all faculties

CANBERRA – The Australian National University (ANU) and Intelledox, a global software provider focused on bringing digital transformation to everyday customer interactions across medium and large organisations, have announced a strategic agreement to commercialise a locally built, pre-travel approval process.

The agreement builds on the existing highly valuable and collaborative partnership and allows both to strengthen their positions as global leaders in education and digital transformation, respectively.

Since early 2015, the Digital Transformation Centre at ANU has been transforming the University’s service delivery through the reinvention and digitalisation of business processes. Beginning with improving the travel approval process for ANU, Intelledox Infiniti is now used to streamline and improve more than 36 processes including student administration, HR processes, event booking and management, parking infringements and notices.

Intelledox is excited to add the ANU Pre-Travel Approval Solution to its existing suite of travel approval services that remove the clunky and inefficient legacy paper and PDF processes that so many organisations still endure.  ANU has seen financial, strategic and operational benefits with its travel approval process, which has connections to existing core financial and HR systems enabling straight through processing.  The commercial agreement now allows Intelledox to deploy this solution in different ways including a fast and easy Travel Approval As-a-Service mode utilising Microsoft Azure.

This new solution will be offered globally by Intelledox with offices and partners in Asia, USA and Europe as well as each capital city across Australia.

Ray Kiley, CEO, Intelledox is excited that the funding to ANU will be used to resource ANU to further accelerate the University’s progress at maximizing its efficiency and effectiveness.

“I am delighted that we are forging stronger relationships so we can continue the work that the Digital Transformation Centre has delivered with such strong measurable results,” Mr. Kiley said.

ANU COO Chris Grange said the Digital Transformation Centre continued to deliver measurable efficiencies across the research and teaching spectrum at ANU and its constant innovation and transformation capabilities were an asset to the University.

“The ANU is focused on advancing learning and research that is supported through the efficiency and effectiveness of central administrative processes,” ANU COO Chris Grange said.

About Intelledox:

Today’s customers demand efficient and intuitive digital experiences and Intelledox delivers. Through its solution-ready Infiniti platform, Intelledox enables customer-focused businesses and governments to transform customer interactions into adaptive digital journeys, from acquisition to onboarding to service. With North American Headquarters located in Dallas, Texas, Intelledox has offices in New York, Singapore, Sydney and global headquarters in Canberra, Australia. More than 190+ global customers and millions of users trust the Infiniti platform. Learn how Intelledox Infiniti uniquely combines next-generation forms, experience-driven workflow and on-demand, customer communications management at

About ANU:

ANU is a world-leading university in Australia’s capital city, Canberra. Our location points to our unique history, ties to the Australian Government and special standing as a resource for the Australian people.

Our focus on research as an asset, and an approach to education, ensures our graduates are in demand the world-over for their abilities to understand, and apply vision and creativity to addressing complex contemporary challenges.

About the Pre-Travel Approval Solution:

The Pre-Travel Approval Solution is powered by Intelledox Infiniti, a low-code, solution ready platform. Intelledox’s Next-Gen eForms guide the traveller, based on policy based procedural rules, in completing the Pre-Travel Approval request. The system routes these applications to supervisors and delegates for approval. Travel Approval information is also pushed to systems of record and Finance and HR systems.

The Travel Approval process enables organizations to empower its travellers to create and track the progress of a submitted travel approval, and access previously completed forms which can be used as the basis for new requests. The solution is highly scalable and can be deployed in the cloud or on premise and has inbuilt reporting and analytics that provide insights to the organization to maximize efficiencies and effectiveness.

Media Contact:

Monique Dorigo, Intelledox

Head of Global Marketing

0423 567138

HTC Global Services Partners with Intelledox To Solve Digital Customer Experience Challenges


Global providers team up to bring digital transformation to enterprises across customer acquisition, onboarding and service applications

TROY, Mich.–  HTC Global Services (HTC) announced today that it has partnered with Intelledox, a global software provider focused on bringing digital transformation to everyday customer interactions across the enterprise. A leading U.S.-based provider of IT and Business Process Services, HTC will provide expert system integration, analytics and long-term technical support for insurance, financial services and government agencies leveraging the Intelledox Infiniti platform.

Customers today want every interaction to be fast, easy, digital and relevant. Meanwhile, many companies have dozens or even hundreds of fillable PDF forms to collect data for customer quotes, applications, claims and service requests. Slow, manual processes can lead to customer frustration and form abandonment – not to mention inefficiency and security risks. And customer communications still often arrive slowly via paper or mail.

Built on Microsoft technologies, the low-code, solution-ready Intelledox Infiniti platform enables companies to move to a 100% digital customer experience. As a partner, HTC will design, develop, deliver, deploy, and implement solutions using the Intelledox platform, spanning customer acquisition, onboarding and service use cases.

Together solutions from HTC and Intelledox will empower organizations to:

  • Collect data from customers and agents –as well as third-party data sources – via an intuitive digital interaction instead of traditional forms
  • Onboard customers faster and easier, eliminating the need for rekeying data
  • Deliver customer communications in real time in multiple outputs, such as industry-standard forms, Word documents, PDFs, SMS or email messages, and other formats
  • Integrate with digital signature solutions to speed transaction time and support compliance
  • Connect front-end experiences with CRM and core systems of record to leverage known customer information and extend IT investments

“Intelledox has proven with its clients’ successes that it offers a cutting-edge, modern approach to meeting customer demands for digital,” said Steve Vernia, Director of Business Development for HTC. “Our partnership with Intelledox will accelerate the pace of digital transformation with our clients and we’re excited about building solutions for them that surpass their expectations.”

“The combination of our platform and HTC’s technology expertise will make it significantly easier for organizations to modernize and simplify business transformation in the front office,” said Rodney Frye, President of Intelledox North America. “We’re looking forward to working with HTC as a trusted partner to bring many of these strategic ideas to market.”



About HTC Global Services (HTC)

HTC is headquartered in Troy MI and brings  over 27 years of IT and BPO experience in providing cost effective and innovative services across domains for  Global 2000 customers.  HTC is focused on the Financial and Insurance industry, with significant percentage of HTC revenue from services provided to the BFSI customers. HTC has extensive expertise in Digital Transformation, helping customers move to the digital age by influencing customer experience, business innovation, and business efficiency. HTC’s quality and information security processes are compliant to SEI CMM Level 5, ISO 9001, ISO 27001 and PCI DSS standards. HTC has a strong global client presence, and large IT and BPM delivery centers, talented professionals, capabilities across multiple technologies, platforms and domains. For more details, visit:


Media Contact:

Steve Vernia, HTC Global Services


New Aragon Research Report Recognizes Intelledox as Digital Transaction Management (DTM) Innovator


Growing Global Player Intelledox Praised for Pioneering Approach to Workflow and Content Automation


DALLAS – A leading analyst firm has named Intelledox as an Innovator in its updated analysis of Digital Transaction Management (DTM) technology providers. The Aragon Research Globe™ for Digital Transaction Management evaluates 16 major providers in the DTM market, which is seeing rapid expansion as organizations attempt to move faster and eliminate paper-based processes.

With more than 15 million users across the globe, Intelledox is a leader in digital transformation solutions. The company’s low-code software platform, Infiniti, uses a data-driven approach to help organizations rapidly develop and deliver mobile-ready applications to simplify and improve customer acquisition, onboarding and service. Aragon further named Intelledox a Hot Vendor for DTM in 2016.

Even now at the start of 2018, less than 30 percent of all document processes are fully digital inside enterprises, according to the report. “The sheer volume of paper transactions that exist today, combined with the need for increased security and compliance, sustainability, and an improved customer experience, means that DTM is poised for growth,” the report says.

Intelledox empowers organizations to increase transaction speed by transforming how they collect and process information with next-generation forms and experience-driven workflow, along with on demand personalized communications.

The new report calls out Intelledox for its journey-based system, advanced analytics and partnership with DocuSign for digital signatures. “We expect others to follow suit with the Workflow and Content Automation journey approach that Intelledox has pioneered,” says Jim Lundy, CEO of Aragon Research.

“When you consider digital disruption, it’s easy to see customers want something different. And we’re passionate about helping enterprises reimagine their core front-office processes to build a real competitive advantage,” said Neal Keene, executive vice president of strategy. “We’re happy to gain this kind of recognition and believe it demonstrates Intelledox’s commitment to innovation and customer success.”

Join Us for Webinar with Digital Insurance February 22

Intelledox will be discussing DTM trends with Digital Insurance magazine in a webinar titled “Reinventing customer onramps: How to simplify digital engagement” scheduled for February 22 at 2:00 pm Eastern time. Register:


About Aragon Research

Aragon Research is the newest technology research and advisory firm. Aragon delivers high impact advisory, interactive research and consulting services to provide enterprises the insight they need to help them make better technology and strategy decisions. Aragon Research serves business and IT leaders and has a proven team of veteran analysts. For more information, visit

Aragon Research Disclaimer: Aragon Research does not endorse vendors, or their products or services that are referenced in its research publications, and does not advise users to select those vendors that are rated the highest. Aragon Research publications consist of the opinions of Aragon Research and Advisory Services organization and should not be construed as statements of fact. Aragon Research provides its research publications and the information contained in them “AS IS,” without warranty of any kind.


Media Contacts

North America

Karen Oakland, Intelledox

+1 (888) 576 6428 ext. 700


Asia and Australia

Neville Braganza, Intelledox Pty Ltd.

+61 2 6280 6244

Intelledox Raises Growth Capital from Ellerston Ventures to Fuel Growth and Innovation



  • Ellerston Capital Invests in Intelledox’s Technology and Customer Centric Approach
  • Funds Will Accelerate Global Go-To-Market Strategy

Canberra, May 23, 2017: Global digital transformation software company, Intelledox, today announced that it has secured AUD 4 million growth capital in funding from Ellerston Ventures. Intelledox will use the financing for continued global expansion, accelerating product growth and innovation and increasing market awareness through sales and marketing. This is the fifth investment in the Ellerston Venture fund and investment Director, David Leslie, will join the Intelledox Board of Directors.

With more than 15 million users across the globe, Intelledox is a global leader in digital transformation solutions. The company’s flagship software solution, Infiniti, uses a data-driven approach to help organizations rapidly develop and deliver mobile-ready applications. These include mortgage applications, complex statements of advice for financial planners and banks as well as a variety of other customer engagements for Financial Services, Insurance, and Government clients.

Over the last year, sales across all regions went up by over 50 percent. Intelledox’s rapid growth has been driven by increased demand among global organizations. Intelledox’s customers include a global investment bank, two of the big-four professional consulting firms, financial services firms in the US, Asia, and Australia, as well as Government agencies in Australia, New Zealand, and Singapore.

“In the Age of the Customer, organizations across the world recognize the critical need to support their digital transformation efforts with a customer-centric approach, and Intelledox is well-positioned to take advantage of this trend. This capital gives us additional resources to innovate rapidly, expand quickly and strategically into new markets, and deliver on our customer-centric vision around the world,” said Ray Kiley, CEO, Intelledox Pty Ltd.

Intelledox Co-founder and Chief Innovation Officer Phillip Williamson commented, To have attracted such high-caliber investment validates our ability to transform the way companies approach process improvement. We look forward to working with our board, our passionate team, and our innovative customers and partners to drive better digital transformation results with a customer focused and data-driven technology offering.”

Intelledox has built a solution that solves a major problem for organizations, whether they are large and complex or small and focused, the platform accelerates speed to market and flexibility around business processes and customer interaction.  We are excited to support such an incredible Australian business and their amazing team, during their high growth journey”, said David Leslie, Investment Director, Ellerston Capital (Ventures).

The investment follows the recent announcement of Intelledox’s expanded global reseller agreement with DocuSign®. Over the past year, Intelledox was named a 2016 Hot Vendor in Advanced Digital Transaction Management (DTM). The company was also positioned as an ‘Innovator’ in the Aragon Research Globe™ for DTM.

Intelledox was assisted in its capital raising by the Sydney office of Eaton Square, an international corporate advisory group that specializes in assisting growth stage technology businesses with strategy, capital, mergers, acquisitions and trade sales.

For more information on Intelledox or to request a demo of the Infiniti Adaptive Engagement Platform, please visit

Media/PR contact:

Neville Braganza for Intelledox Pty Ltd. at +61 2 6280 6244 or 
Tony Gray for Ellerston Capital at

Intelledox and Dialog Information Technology Strengthen Partnership


Dialog Information Technology is now an Intelledox Certified Platinum Partner in Canberra.

This enhances an already strong partnership between two Australian enterprises to further assist both Federal and Territory government clients gain greater process insight, improve business processes, enrich customer engagement, and make informed business decisions.

The agreement recognizes Dialog’s track record in implementing Infiniti solutions. A recent project transformed a large government clients’ manual paper-based forms and business processes to an innovative digital workflow. Implementing the Intelledox Infiniti solution allowed the organization to digitalize and automate over 120 forms and business processes, providing significant efficiency gains and reduced cost.

As an Intelledox Certified Platinum Partner, Dialog IT will work closely with the Intelledox team to continue to deliver enhanced professional and support services to Canberra customers.

Intelledox Infiniti

Intelledox is a global digital transformation firm helping organization across the world enhance customer engagement, increase customer satisfaction, streamline efficiency, and drive down operational costs. Intelledox Infiniti has over 140 customers with 15 million users globally.

Using intuitive, conversational digital interviews, Intelledox’s Adaptive Engagement solutions help companies rapidly develop and deliver mobile-ready business processes. Infiniti’s Data Analytics capability helps companies harness their data to reveal key insights on mission-critical business processes and help improve customer service and decision making.

With Global Headquarters located in Canberra, Australia; Intelledox has offices in New York, London, Singapore, Sydney and North American Headquarters in Dallas, Texas

How can Infiniti transform my business process?

Infiniti, Intelledox’s award-winning software, is a digital transformation solution that enables best-in-class customer experiences and streamlines inefficient manual processes. Infiniti allows business users, without specialist IT knowledge, to quickly and easily build, test, launch and optimize digital and mobile data collection touchpoints with its easy-to-use design interface. Infiniti Adaptive Interviews replace paper/web/PDF forms enabling organizations to digitally transform manual business processes into intuitive, guided user experiences.

Infiniti helps government provide guided citizen experiences to collect data & information, & create engaging communications. Infiniti empowers business users to develop and deploy engaging customer-facing applications, helping public sector agencies reduce costs through improved process efficiency while delivering an enriched citizen experience.

About Dialog and the Dialog Intelledox Canberra Practice

Dialog is Australia’s leading privately owned information technology services organization employing over 1,200 consultants nationwide. Dialog’s services range from strategic IT consulting through full lifecycle application development and managed application services to long-term operational support.

The Dialog Intelledox Practice provides expert professional services including application development, project management, change management, business analysis and system integration.

Intelledox Announces Global Reseller Partnership with DocuSign



  • Intelledox integrates DocuSign eSignature into platform to deliver the power of intuitive, TurboTax®-like digital experiences to organizations globally
  • Seamlessly create dynamic, personalized contracts, agreements, policies and other key documents for immediate signing via DocuSign
  • DocuSign to resell Intelledox to help enterprise customers fast-track their digital transformation agendas

Dallas, Texas: Global digital transformation software provider Intelledox® today announced its expanded global alliance with DocuSign®, the pioneer and global standard for Digital Transaction Management (DTM) and eSignature. Intelledox will integrate DocuSign into its Infiniti digital transformation platform to enable businesses to rapidly convert manual, paper-based business processes into intuitive, fully digital workflows. This expanded relationship builds on an existing alliance between the two companies.

“We’re pleased to expand our partnership with DocuSign who will be reselling the Intelledox Infiniti platform to their valued customers,” said Rodney Frye, President, Intelledox, Inc.Intelledox Infiniti complements and enhances DocuSign’s  portfolio of Digital Transaction Management capabilities. Working with an industry leader like DocuSign allows us to deliver this solution effectively and empower our customersin the Americas, Europe and Asia to achieve their digital transformations.”

Companies of all sizes and industries will benefit from Intelledox’s deeper integration with DocuSign to enhance guided forms, workflows and document generation across account openings, customer onboarding, self service, and other use cases.  The integration will help organizations:

  • Accelerate time to market – Enable non-technical, business users to create and manage dynamic, multi-channel digital applications
  • Increase adoption of electronic signature – Dynamically compose forms and complex omni-channel documents, seamlessly delivered to DocuSign for electronic signature
  • Improve user experiences – Integrate mobile-ready guided interview experiences into existing applications
  • Extend investments in existing systems – Leverage enterprise data and services to enrich the user experience, improve data quality, and automate data interactions

“We’ve seen the positive impact and ROI of Intelledox Infiniti and are glad that our sales team are now able to provide their customers access to a robust digital customer experience solution like Infiniti. Working with Intelledox, our clients will be able to fully leverage this powerful, integrated solution that can rapidly achieve benefits such as cost-effectiveness, scalability, ease-of-use and increased efficiency” said Mark Register, SVP Business Development and Channels, DocuSign.

To view a one minute video of Intelledox Infiniti and DocuSign in action together, follow this link:

Please visit Intelledox in the Partner Pavilion at DocuSign Momentum 2017 in San Francisco May 3rd and 4th.

For more on DocuSign, visit For more information on Intelledox, visit

About Intelledox

Utilizing Responsive Web Design, Intelledox’s digital transformation solutions help companies rapidly develop and deliver mobile-ready business processes. Financial Services, Insurance and Government customers worldwide deploy the Infiniti platform to enhance customer engagement, drive down operational costs, increase efficiency and reduce the burden of paperwork and red tape.  With North American Headquarters located in Dallas Texas, Intelledox has offices in New York, Toronto, London, Singapore, Sydney and Global Headquarters in Canberra Australia.

More information 

Neville Braganza, Marketing Manager
Work: +61 2 6280 6244


Intelledox and Storata Digital Solutions Help Healthcare Providers Enhance Patient Care & Experience


From patient data analytics to “smart hospitals,” digital transformation is completely changing the way healthcare is delivered. Technology is changing the core of healthcare services with advancements like surgical robots, wearable health monitors, and virtual doctors. However, what makes the complete system robust is how business processes in the sector transform from being manual to digital, eliminating the risk of errors resulting in enhanced patient experience.

As part of Australian Healthcare Week Expo, Intelledox solution partner Storata presented joint solutions that are revolutionizing how Australian healthcare providers operate. Together with Intelledox, Storata is taking paper-based processes such as patient forms, pathology results and other health services to a new level. The solutions do not just digitalize a process but rather offer healthcare providers an intelligent platform to accurately capture data and provide ongoing insight into patient’s health

As a Systems Integrator, Storata partners with ‘best of breed’ technology providers to deliver intrinsic client value as demonstrated at AHW2017. The recent CEWT project with Queensland Health is a fitting example of how both Intelledox and Storata are working towards changing the way patient care and experience is delivered in Australia and around the globe. The CEWT solution helps doctors identify any clinical deterioration in children, record vital signs and initiate immediate action to ensure appropriate and timely care.

Unlike paper forms where patient data is locked away, digital solutions from Intelledox & Storata help healthcare professional access patient data anytime, anywhere. Using the Data Analytics capability, doctors are able to monitor and analyze patient records to predict and prevent health-related events.

With an aging population, data is growing at an exponential rate and the need to maintain lifetime patient records is at an all-time high. By digitalizing business processes and making that data readily available to clinicians, we are delivering incredible workflow efficiency, whilst reducing errors and providing tremendous clinical insight to deliver an overwhelming patient experience, which historically simply was not possible.

To know more about Storata, click here.

If you are a healthcare provider looking to transform your processes, get in touch with our solutions team here.