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What Is On-Demand Customer Communications Management?

January 22, 2019

When you apply for a new insurance policy, government license or bank loan, in a digital world you expect a fast response. Many enterprises think they can respond to customer requests on demand, but the truth is they really don’t. Sure, they may have a way to ask a question and get an answer from a customer, but that is not really a real-time, two-way discussion. Let’s take a look at how on-demand customer communications management (CCM) differs from traditional CCM or document generation software.

Out with the old, traditional CCM software model

Traditional document generation – or CCM software – is purpose-built to support high volume. These systems require data to be uploaded in a batch process to drive personalized document output. Furthermore, traditional solutions have two critical shortcomings that make them poor choices for customer-specific agreements, contracts or quotes needed on demand:

  1. They assume you already have the data you need to dynamically deliver personalization
  2. They limit changes to a document or message after it is generated – even if new data is captured along the customer journey

As you move toward digital, you’re probably enabling customers (or employees or agents) to engage with your company via self-service portals, mobile apps and other electronic means like social media, but also traditional channels like call centers, agents or bank branches.

Customers provide you with information, and then they expect personalized outputs, delivered in minutes. This could be a loan or insurance quote, a prefilled form, a confirmation or any kind of personalized content. And some of these documents may even require a signature.

Yet we find many organizations are still taking forms data and manually keying it into another system, or using scanners and OCR to try to pull out the data. This makes it impossible to respond quickly – which just doesn’t cut it in the “want-it-now” digital era.

In with On-Demand Customer Communications Management

Events such as web, phone or call center inquiries kick off the need for a personalized response, such as real-time correspondence or quotes. That’s true on-demand customer communications management; however, most traditional CCM solutions are just not built to handle these scenarios.

To know if your CCM system is truly on-demand, it’s important to understand whether or not you really can provide immediate, automated responses triggered by requests.

Ask yourself:

  • Can I quickly produce a custom policy, quote, or contract when a customer asks for one?
  • Are manual steps required to edit or approve a communication, or do we have automated workflows?
  • How easily can customers or employees self-serve?
  • Are your real-time communications on brand and compliant?
  • Are you leveraging integrated e-signatures to complete a process fast?

If you answered “No” to any of the above questions, not only does your CCM solution not support on-demand requests, chances are high that your customers are frustrated and impatient with your processes – and possibly even looking at finding answers elsewhere.

The key question is: How can you accelerate and optimize the “round trip” of information flowing from capture through to signature and transaction completion? This is where Intelledox clients typically start.

Our 7 Ways Your CCM Solution Fails eBook provides a deeper dive into why traditional CCM solutions don’t match today’s need for on-demand customer communications management. Download the eBook to learn how on-demand CCM software like Intelledox Infiniti can both match and exceed expectations.

And, if you’re ready to explore how to modernize your document generation systems to meet digital demands, let us show you a demo.


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