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You asked, we listened! Intelledox Infiniti Version 11 – Launched

April 17, 2019

Version 11 is an exciting release and a major milestone for Intelledox. Over the next few blogs, we will highlight the major elements of the release. As we progress, we will delve into greater detail into the features that we feel will be of most interest. In our quest to help you accelerate your digital transformation we have focused on aspects of the platform that will speed the build process with your teams and will further simplify the experience for your end users.

At a high level the core of Version 11 includes:

  • Comprehensive Answer History
  • A number of additional DocuSign Use Cases
  • Improved Designer Experience
  • A focus on the Cloud
  • Expanded Integration Options
  • Customer Enhancements
Intelledox Infiniti Version 11

A summary of the new features and benefits of Version 11

In this blog, we’ll cover the first new feature called ‘Comprehensive Answer History’.


Comprehensive Answer History

In Version 11, we’ve attempted to take our workflow routing and user-driven workflow into the review level of the process. Infiniti is now able to capture and highlight answers to questions that are being provided throughout the workflow routing states. It also captures when and by whom the answers were provided. If you’re familiar with Microsoft Word, you’ll see the similarities between this feature and “Track Changes”.

Comprehensive Answer History

Users now have visibility to see what has occurred throughout a workflow, allowing them to make a more informed decision when they’re participating in the workflow process.

Now that we’re capturing the history of a workflow, giving users the ability to see what changes occurred, Infiniti is also able to highlight what an end user hasn’t seen or addressed so far. In other words, when a user is actioning a task, they’re informed of all new content, whether it be a change to an existing field or changes to uploaded documents. This occurs both at the page level (in cases where there are multiple pages per form) or at the question level.

Comprehensive Answer History Feature

Highlighted changes equate to less time spent locating the changes that have already occurred.

Highlighting the changes to the form will reduce the need to manually track updates, greatly improving the user experience. It’s important to note that this functionality is available to all question types, including text and multiple choice, enabling a very useful version control capability.  This feature can be activated or de-activated from the publishing settings at the project level.

In our next blog, we will cover the additional DocuSign use cases that have been introduced in Version 11 of Intelledox Infiniti.

To find out more about Version 11, please read the release notes here.


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