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3 Ways to Re-Think Your Digital Transformation to Create Customer Engagement Empathy

Neal Keene, EVP Corporate Strategy | October 17, 2017

If you are responsible for business growth in a customer facing business, you are keenly aware that technology and digital are critical drivers to growing market share and creating true differentiation. You’re probably facing enormous pressure to “digitally transform” the enterprise and drive more customer engagement. Read on to find 3 ways to re-think your digital transformation

Normally, that starts with the assessment of your technology stacks to determine what needs rebuilding or upgrading. Long meetings with IT and task forces take place, and months later, you may have uncovered some good (albeit costly and lengthy) opportunities in the back-end to digitize business processes for improved customer experience.

But perhaps it’s better to first consider what customer engagement IS, in the context of your business.

In our recent eBook, “Rapid Digital Transformation in the Customer Focused Enterprise”, we address taking a true “outside-in” approach to leveraging digital to create real customer value. This means asking the right questions from the customer’s perspective. The first question to ask is, “What does my customer really need?”

On the surface, they are “changing an address” or “applying for a mortgage” or “filing a claim.” But that is a business “transactional” vantage point. From the customer’s perspective, they are getting married or divorced, recovering from an injury, changing jobs or planning a vacation.

Customers need you to understand their personal situation and that you will make every step of their journey as painless as possible.  They need empathy.  By taking this truly customer centric, “outside-in” view, you can now pinpoint exactly where and how digital can deliver empathy and provide real customer value in the process.  And engagement may only be a part of the solution.

At the InsureTech Connect 2017  conference, we heard customer experience leaders and regulators discuss this very topic. Customer engagement is imperative and effective when done well.  But engagement is often confused with “more communication”. In the spirit of better customer engagement, companies often create too many annoying touchpoints and overcommunicate, which leads to more friction and disengagement.   Here are three ways to rethink your digital transformation to deliver real customer value and demonstrate empathy:


Rethink #1 – The front-end is a great starting point for digital transformation.

It’s literally your “front digital door” where you welcome your guests and make them feel at home. By improving the front-end experience, you can demonstrate empathy and understanding as customers begin their interactions with you. Ask yourself: “What data do we already have that the customer can simply verify, versus making them re-key what we already know?” And: “What information can we offer that can deliver an intelligent experience as they interact?”

By modernizing the experience first, you have a more direct (and faster) path to helping customers through their life event.


Rethink #2 – Remove the “frustration factor.”

CEB research found that “making it easy,” or reducing effort, goes further towards building satisfaction and loyalty than the conventional wisdom of “delighting and engaging” customers.

One way to quickly transform the front end is by streamlining inefficient processes to make it easier for users every step of the way. Breaks in the process of data and information collection create major friction for all parties involved. Improved experience driven workflow reduces those breaks and alleviates frustration.

By automating the collection and updating of information, pulling required data only from necessary stakeholders, the number and type of touchpoints are made exponentially more efficient and streamlined. Removing pain points like cumbersome paper and web forms, getting rid of manual processes, and making customer information intake truly personalized and flexible, is a major customer experience “win.” Identify the customer need first (remove friction) and use digital to improve the business processes that can deliver.


Rethink #3 –Create truly digital and adaptive customer interactions.

By using Intelledox Infiniti’s solution-ready, low code platform, you can rapidly digitize data collection and management at any point in the customer journey – from acquisition to onboarding to servicing. Customer inputs are now guided, intuitive and engaging experiences, based on their personal preference, device and location. You are literally their “helping hand” during their life event, at whatever stage they are in the process.  From the first interaction to the last, they can use any device and receive the same helpful and consistent experience, knowing they can trust the information and your company to help them along the way.

Better front-end digital and mobile touchpoints will change the way your customers interact with your brand and enable you to demonstrate empathy while saving them time and effort. The best part? Intelledox Infiniti uses pre-built connectors that quickly integrate with current systems, extending your legacy investments for lower operational costs and improved operational efficiencies. No need for a costly rebuild of your entire back end systems.

You demonstrate quick wins for the company, and customers get a truly digital experience that adapts to their needs, removes friction and improves communications.

To learn more about how Intelledox can partner with you for rapid digital transformation, read our eBook overview.


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