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Onboarding Forms Providing Positive Customer Experiences

June 19, 2019

The Role of Onboarding Forms in Providing a Customer Experience that increases Lifetime Value

Businesses are moving to online only, customer-driven, digital services. This shift requires your organization to optimize the customer journey to make it as fast, easy and convenient as possible. It’s a competitive differentiator: offer a better experience than your competition and you’ll win more clients, increase satisfaction and build loyalty and trust.

One way you can really boost customer engagement is through the streamlining of your onboarding process using forms, phone calls and other channels.

Think about it from the customer’s perspective… The cumbersome, awkward process of form filling isn’t a good customer experience. Instead, imagine how you could transform customer onboarding through smart, guided, interactive interviews that make onboarding a pleasure.

This will help you increase efficiencies in your business and get more opportunities to cross-sell and upsell. Here’s how you could differentiate your customer onboarding journey using easy and intuitive steps.


The first challenge is that your customers need to find and get the forms they require, and that can be a frustrating experience in itself.


Customers need to visit your website or click on a link in an email. They search out and confirm the right form, they often have to ring your call center to check that it’s the right form, then download it. They then need to fill in the form by hand or as an interactive PDF.


The customer clicks into an interactive, AI-powered chatbot that guides them through all the questions they need to answer. It asks them questions in simple, plain English and provides multiple, easy-to-use options for responding.

Gathering Onboarding Information can be Fast and Simple

Onboarding relies on you collecting exactly the right details from your customers. This can often involve complex data sets and timely accurate data can make a huge difference to your business.


Customers must collect all the details themselves and enter those details multiple times across all required onboarding forms. This means lots of duplication of effort and increased frustration.


Your interactive forms collect data from your back-office systems and presents it to the customer to verify, simplifying the process. The interactive interview asks only the questions needed, reducing the amount of data they need to collect and provide. Interactive interviews can even link with tools on mobile devices to provide GPS location, photos, or other supporting details.

Customers Can Start and Stop the Onboarding Process at Any Time

Onboarding often requires access to complex data points and can take clients time to complete. Give customers the ability to complete forms on their own terms, across any device and in their time frame. Access analytics so you can learn what questions pose challenges to your clients and change them to increase completion rates.


Onboarding can be complex and time-consuming. It can result in multiple attempts of completion and can lead to error-prone forms which then requires manual intervention. Incomplete forms also pose a dilemma as rework is needed and unnecessary contact made to frustrated customers.


Customers can easily start and stop the onboarding process as details are saved as they go. They can take breaks, use multiple devices, collaborate with a partner who may be involved and share the load of completion. Data can even be validated on the go so the form data is accurate and complete resulting in delighted customers.

Completing and Authorizing Onboarding Forms is Simple

Once the customer has provided all their information, they need to verify, sign, and send you the onboarding form.


Customers need to review the form, sign it, and then scan and upload, or post it back to you. This all takes time and effort. Once you get the form back either electronically or hard copy, you then need to manually enter the data into your back-office systems. This is error-prone and inefficient.


Integration with an eSignature solution like DocuSign means that customers can easily review the details on their form, sign it, and all the data is automatically connected to any system of records which will either automate the following process or streamline the next touch point for your client. That’s easier for the customer and easier for you.

Use Cases for Smart, Interactive Onboarding Forms

There are plenty of use cases for optimizing the onboarding process:

  • Banking and financial businesses can simplify account opening and other processes. Here’s a great example of how Aite took advantage.
  • Insurance businesses can make it much easier for customers to sign up for policies or make a claim.
  • HR departments can transform the employee onboarding process for benefits, 401(K), healthcare, and other areas.

Learn more about how forms are killing the customer experience and hurting your bottom line:

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