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Intelledox Infiniti Version 11 | Additional Features Explained

May 3, 2019

Improved Designer Experience

One of the key focus areas for us within version 11 was to improve the designer’s experience. When we talk about a ‘designer’ with reference to Intelledox Infiniti, we’re talking about the user role, or the persona that uses the Infiniti design tool to build Infiniti projects.

We listened to our power users from around the world to understand what tasks seem to take them longer to complete than expected. We understood their user experience and identified some key areas of improvements.

To summarize, we’ve got a new way of manipulating the designer layout, new formula aspects and new shortcuts for common tasks that bring about some ‘quality of life’ improvements for designers.


New Designer Layout

We’ve made the design layout flexible to suit modern displays and monitors that are becoming bigger and come with higher resolution than before.




Designers can adjust the real estate to shrink or expand the project preview, project properties, tree view and the validation pane that appears at the bottom of the screen. This gives designers who work on large and complex forms the flexibility to have an increased focus on the different elements of their projects.


New Formula Engine

We’ve made it easier to track the formulas used within a project. Building on the hover text formula functionality in version 10.3, users can now navigate to a question reference by holding ‘Ctrl’ and clicking on the formula reference. As soon as you do that, the cursor will jump within design to exactly where that reference was. If you now need to come back to the calling formula, you can use the back or the forward buttons within your browser to go directly back to where you were. This is extremely useful in the case of complex formulas.



Navigation through those complex workflows is important and we see this as another quality of life improvement.


Duplicate Workflow Transitions

In Version 11, we’re giving the users the ability to duplicate existing transitions within a workflow. This is extremely useful when designers are designing multiple workflow states that require similar actions under a particular start state.




Transitions and all of their actions and configuration are now a copy paste function and can be duplicated within the design tool. This is very, very important not only for the initial build but also for modifications because we’re reducing a lot of the manual configuration within that transition.


New Formulas

We’ve taken the opportunity to introduce three new formulas in version 11, “switch”, “and” and “or”.

A switch case covers the example where you want multiple matches for a single value.




The right side of the diagram above shows what a typical “if” statement with nested is equals would look like in a Pre-Version 11 scenario. You can see it can be quite complicated to decipher. Infiniti Version 11 makes it easy.


New APIs to launch, progress or complete Infiniti processes from existing systems of record

Prepare Form: While we’ve touched upon these in our second blog where we talked about “New and Expanded DocuSign Use Cases”, it’s important to note that we built completely new API’s within Infiniti REST API. This enables the initiation of a workflow and its progress. It also enables the completion of a generation to Infiniti from an existing system of record.




The above diagram depicts a “prepare form”. Now you can have an external third-party system instruct Infiniti to populate a form and assign it to a specific user. The “generate form” already exists within the API right now so those use cases with DocuSign, can in theory, be any system that can send a notification to Infiniti to say, “Hey, we need you to do something”, in this case, prepare a form. In other scenarios, you may have got to a step within another system or you may have some other automation or workflow in place and you need to kick off an Infiniti form. All these systems can now instruct Infiniti to populate a form and assign it to a user.




Submit Workflow Task: We’ve opened our API to allow third party systems (like DocuSign) to have some control of an in-flight task within Infiniti workflow routing. The diagram above depicts a scenario where Infiniti has been assigned a workflow task. That workflow task is waiting for a third-party system to move it to the next step. This opens up many possibilities of integration with Infiniti.


Customer initiated feature requests

You ask, we deliver. Version 11 includes some enhancements that have come in through our customer channel. If you’re not aware, as a customer, you can make requests for functionality or changes through the Intelledox Support Desk. Such requests get assessed and if they qualify as an enhancement, they get scheduled within the product roadmap. We try to pick requests that fit the broader community and prioritize what we can practically be included. There are a few interesting ones within this release.

There are two enhancements around workflow that are worth highlighting. When working with a workflow, users may need to control who can “reassign” a step and who can “delete” a particular step, so that they can cancel the workflow itself. The diagram below depicts a scenario in which users can allow “reassign” in a step to the creator or the previous assignee. There may be different people who can move that workflow around. This covers you for your routing examples where you know that the current assignee is unavailable, and you want to be able to reassign it to somebody else for their approval or for their input. The checkboxes on the left of the diagram determine how that’s going to occur.




The second enhancement allows for finer control over who can cancel a workflow. For example, in the case where a user has initiated a travel request. Say, during the approval process, there’s an unforeseen weather event or a personal matter meaning that travel is no longer possible. Users can now be armed with the ability to cancel or revoke their own request if it isn’t feasible anymore. Of course, anyone else in a workflow can also be given this control.




Another great addition to the interface is the addition of profile photo support. Individual users can upload an image that represents their profile. By default, anybody who doesn’t have a photo ends up with their initials.




We’re very excited at the launch of version 11 of Intelledox Infiniti. We hope that this three-part blog series sparks some excitement for you and for your projects as well. In case you missed them, you can read the first blog here and the second blog here. Release notes for version 11 can be found here.

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