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Intelledox Infiniti Version 10.3 Release: What’s New

Clinton Brown, Intelledox Head of Product | September 10, 2018

Release days are always the best days for me at Intelledox, whether it’s a major update, or a small revision or patch. I wanted to write a blog about this release V10.3 as it is packed with enhancements and so many of them are requests from our users that participated in our Tech Thursday webinars (New Tech Thursday webinar series starting September 20th) and Connect Forums. The platform enhancements in summary consist of:

I’ve summarized each of these below, and for more Technical Information, please use our Knowledge Hub or speak to your Account Manager.

Simplification of Fragments and Repeaters

Prepare to use Fragments a heap more! Fragments can now deal with repeating data as an input and as an output! Organizations can now wrap a complex hierarchical datasource (think 3+ questions to get to the data) as a Fragment with the filters as inputs and the multi-row data as outputs.

Fragment inputs or outputs can reference (or be a reference for) parent fragment inputs directly, without the need to have a variable question or similar as a “middle man.”  The “Repeat Document” property moved to individual document templates, so that different documents may be repeated by different repeat sources opening up entirely new permutations of projects and fragments.

Copy to Fragment

Continual improvement and promotion of Infiniti Fragments is critical to successful platform projects. A barrier to using fragments has been how to refactor an existing implementation and leverage what has already been built. When working in Design, clicking “Save As” now has the option to Copy To Fragment. This will allow the conversion of a project or a particular page of the project to a brand-new fragment.

Project Sync API

The delivery of this API directly contributes the majority of functionality for the Automated DevOps initiative. This API greatly increases the ease of syncing environments or migrating/promoting projects across environments. Almost everything defined in Manage can be moved across via the API, with control over what should be transferred and what shouldn’t. This body of work included three new API endpoints covering group users, custom fields and connector settings. This makes the API of the Infiniti platform far more well-rounded for enterprise process integration scenarios. The product team will also publish additional supporting detail in the coming weeks that relate to enterprise tools such as Octopus and Jenkins to achieve an end-to-end Project Approval and promotion process.

Formula Tooltips within Design

We know that the Knowledge Hub article that receives the highest number of visitors most time spent is on the formulas page. To enhance the user experience in Design, the Variable question will provide parameter and usage information as you type, making it faster and easier to get to where you want to go.

DocuSign Connector for Infiniti

The highly anticipated next generation DocuSign Connector has been added to the Ecosystem for release.  Phase 1 of this connector builds on the hierarchical action inputs from 10.1 and 10.2 to expand the breadth of the connector enormously. It’s now built and maintained as a native Version 10 extension. Documentation is updated on the Knowledge Hub. For phase 2 we’re also working on native DocuSign Connect and Template support.

We have already started work on the next update to consistently improve the Intelledox Infiniti platform and transform complex and outdated forms into intuitive customer-centric experiences. Thank you again to all of the customers and partners who have given us great feedback to support our product development team.

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