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Intelledox Infiniti DocuSign Connector Updates: New and Expanded Use Cases

April 26, 2019

The Intelledox Infiniti Data Connector to DocuSign has become one of our most popular features, and it’s not surprising why. Incorporating electronic signatures into a process enables enterprises to deliver a seamless, fast digital interaction from end to end. That’s why Intelledox is pleased to be part of the DocuSign Agreement Cloud as part of the “Prepare” stage.

Until now, the Infiniti-DocuSign connector has focused on envelope creation at the end of a task, the end of an entire workflow process or at the end of a form. The signature was seen as the last mile along the customer journey. As we mature digitally, an eSignature can, in fact, initiate a process or even surface mid-way through a process. We have responded to the needs and maturity of this growing and efficient use of eSignatures.

DocuSign Connect is DocuSign’s integration and notification service. It allows state changes that occur within the envelope process to communicate with external systems. It is DocuSign’s only way of communicating with external systems.

With the release of Infiniti version 11, we’ve leveraged DocuSign Connect so that it can instruct Infiniti to initiate a new form, progress or even complete an existing process. The additional use cases allow you to integrate a signing ceremony into an Infiniti workflow or drive the creation of an Infiniti workflow.

Here are three key use cases where we’ve integrated into DocuSign Connect with our new release.


1. Generate Form

The image below depicts a scenario where from an Infiniti process, we’re using an Infiniti Guided Form to set up the DocuSign signing ceremony or envelope. At the end of that DocuSign ceremony, the system will automatically submit a document generation request through to the Infiniti engine. The initial set up of that envelope could have occurred directly in DocuSign from a DocuSign template. Alternatively, as you can see in the diagram, it may have been initiated by Infiniti.

This gives you the ability to start with a process in Intelledox Infiniti, complete a signing ceremony in DocuSign and then run an entire new end-to-end process back in Infiniti.

Generate Form Generate form operation enables DocuSign to process an Infiniti Smart Form when a DocuSign event occurs

2. Prepare Form

In this use case, we are now able to initiate a completely new workflow routing process from within the DocuSign envelope. Effectively a form can be prepared, populated and assigned to somebody using the “prepare form” capability.

Prepare FormPrepare Form enables DocuSign to instruct Infiniti to initiate a form and assign to a specific user

Whether you’re driving the DocuSign envelope to start the second or third process within the business, you can now subscribe to notifications from DocuSign that will prompt you to progress the workflow and initiate a new form.

We anticipate the “prepare form” capability to be used in situations when after an entire process is completed within DocuSign, a completely different step needs to be completed within Infiniti.

For example, a customer may apply for a credit pre-approval. Once he or she is pre-approved, the business will need to initiate the secondary process of walking the customer through a full approval process using an Infiniti Guided Form. The Prepare Form is used to essentially link these two processes together, resulting in a smoother customer experience.


3. Submit Workflow Task

The final use case is an integration of the first two scenarios. Say your business process has got an Infiniti Guided Form with a workflow routing capability. During one of the transitions, a signature needs to be obtained using DocuSign.

Submit Workflow TaskSubmit Workflow Task – enables DocuSign to process a signing while Infiniti has form routing still in flight waiting for a DocuSign event to occur

In this scenario, instead of having two processes linked together, like in the previous use case, the “Submit Workflow Task” use case has these two processes as one single Infiniti form. So, when you initiate an Infiniti process, the system kicks off a DocuSign signing ceremony and then Infiniti will wait, in the workflow state, for a result to come back from DocuSign.

This covers a scenario where you may have multiple signers; for example,  two partners signing an expression of interest. Only when all signers of the envelope have completed their task, will Infiniti complete the rest of the workflow. That could be a task to gather further information, to complete the transaction or, we may be waiting for DocuSign to give us a confirmation of a successful or unsuccessful signing ceremony. In either case, Infiniti will be informed of the next step to take as a part of the workflow.

The Submit Workflow Task feature integrates the first two features in one for a powerful workflow enablement process.

To find out more about Version 11, please read the release notes here. And if you’d like to learn more about the power of this end-to-end integrated system, check out this video overview of the Intelledox-DocuSign connector. Or, read more about additional Intelledox Infiniti Data Connectors.


Join us at DocuSign Momentum

Intelledox is pleased to be a System of Agreement sponsor at this year’s customer conference, scheduled for June 11-13, 2019, in San Francisco. Meet us there!

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